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Luxury shower trends

Some people like to shower in the morning to wake up for the day ahead, and others shower at night to wash the day away. Regardless of your time, your shower should be a sanctuary—an escape from the outside world where your stresses just melt away. When you upgrade your bathroom design, the shower should be at the top of your priority list. There are many exciting luxury shower trends to help you create the shower of your dreams. 

Luxury Shower Trends and Designs

Starting a bathroom renovation is exciting. It means that you’re customizing one of the most frequently used rooms of your home, and when you think of it as a bathroom suite rather than just your average space, you can really cut loose and open your mind to new bathroom trends and new ideas. By perfecting the design, you can have a shower area that is more luxurious than you ever thought possible.

What makes a luxurious shower? 

Like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. For example, do you find a modern bathroom with an open shower area and subway tiles luxurious, or do your design preferences lean more toward a more traditional shower design with a glass shower enclosure and warm colored ceramic or marble tile? One of the best ways to create a vision of your perfect shower design is to take a look at current luxury shower trends.

Luxury shower looks

When you consider what your luxury shower design will look like, make sure you’re thinking about every single component from the shower enclosure and tile design all the way through the accessories. Redesigning and upgrading your shower is an opportunity to show off your personal taste while giving yourself a luxurious shower area. This is your space, so have some fun and be creative!

As you get excited about upgrading your shower area, you also want to make sure you’re not incorporating components that are already outdated. Here are a few current trends you might want to incorporate into your bathroom remodel:

· Shower style – Does a glass shower enclosure or a walk-in shower speak to you? Or, do you prefer no doors at all? An open area with a well-chosen shower curtain might fit your preferences better than glass doors. 

· Shower function – Adding a steam shower is a great way to add luxury to your morning or nightly ritual, as is a relaxing rain shower or dual showerhead for extra cleanliness.

· Hardware – Speaking of your showerhead, does polished nickel fit your fancy, or are you more of an oil-rubbed bronze person?

· Tile – Ceramic and marble tile are both great for the shower because they hold up to moisture. Consider whether you want large tile to reduce grout, subway tile for a modern bathroom look, or smaller mosaic tiles that express your personality!

Don’t be afraid to be bold! Recent luxury shower trends and designs are all about giving those older-style white or beige showers with brass or chrome hardware a face-lift.

Luxury shower designs 

Your luxury bathroom design is subjective. While you want to make this space fit your needs and show off your personal aesthetic, you do want to bring in high-quality and modern materials so that your design withstands the test of time.

One of the most important aspects of your shower is the shower head. There are a lot of options out there, so start your process by checking out some modern shower head designs!


Modern Shower head designs 

Part of upgrading to a luxury bathroom design means having a great shower head. With the right hardware alone, you can turn an outdated restroom into a bathroom oasis. Here is an example of a luxury Kohler shower head and hardware that can take a plain white tub to a new elegant level. 


Shower head hardware by kohler.


different types of shower heads

Here’s a quick look at a few that will help turn your shower into the luxurious sanctuary it should be:

· Handheld showerhead, which helps you control exactly where the water stream goes. These are also helpful for cleaning since you can directly spray stubborn spots—unlike a fixed showerhead. These are also helpful for bathing your pets!

· Dual showerhead, which can also help you shower more quickly. 

· Rainfall showerhead, which creates a spa-like experience that provides a wide, even stream of water.

In addition to the type of shower head you choose, you also have your pick of colors and finishes. Polished nickel is currently popular, as are black and copper hardware. You’ll have to make sure the finish complements the rest of the room, including your bathroom storage and tile colors.

Keep in mind that the showerhead really makes your shower. The right look and feel—plus the perfect water pressure and temperature—will help you truly enjoy your luxury shower. 

Here is a peek at a popular newer shower head technology, the Kohler Real Rain Overhead Shower Panel, that mimics the sensational feeling of soft summer rains. Traditional shower heads deliver streams of water, but Kohler’s Real Rain shower panel dispenses droplets, just as clouds do. Water accumulates in a reservoir before being released into a broad shower panel and allowed to fall earthward, using gravity instead of water pressure. 

How to liven up a small shower space

Not all homes have a large bathroom or shower area—and that’s just fine! When you remodel your small bathroom, your goal is to maximize your space. Glass doors on your shower and light, bright colors can make the room seem bigger. Choose lighting that’s small in profile but big in performance that complements the entire room. Then, choose small but effective functional decor!

Think about all of the accessories you can bring into your bathroom. The bathmat, soap dish, and toothbrush holder all add to the room’s overall feel. Even in a small bathroom, you can add shelving, a well-chosen shower curtain, and a low-profile shower set to add luxury. Each idea you implement, and each component you choose, will help you bring your dream shower to life!


Adding more luxury elements

There are many great design ideas that’ll help increase your shower’s opulence, even if you have a small bathroom. Here are a few to consider:

· Opt for a glass shower door—or an entirely glass (frameless) shower enclosure—to really open up the space.

· Carefully select your shower tile to fit your needs. Light-colored marble tile can make your bathroom look bigger, or you can mix colors of subway tiles to achieve a more artistic aesthetic.

· Install a steam shower for relaxation and possible additional benefits like improved circulation and reduced congestion.

Then, accessorize! There are countless products and materials that can add to the elegance and luxury of your shower.

Create your dream shower  

Everyone deserves to be pampered. And what better way to treat yourself than by creating your dream shower as part of your bathroom remodel? By choosing the best materials, fixtures, and accessories, you’ll feel coddled and indulged every time you step into your shower. Would you like a second opinion on how to turn your bathroom into luxury? Request a design consultation, and one of our highly qualified team members will be in touch!

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