Summer 2014 Design Trends: Orchid Hues, Bright White, and Mother Nature Makes a Comeback

Home Design, Kitchen Design

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After the long and dreary past winter hunkered down in your home, now is the perfect time to hit refresh on your home’s design. Explore our home remodeling ideas for ways to incorporate fresh design trends into your home design.

Cover of Summer 2014 Design trends

Bright colors can light up kitchen designs, like this red island in a Wilmette, IL kitchen remodel.

Go Bright and Bold

Pantone named “Radiant Orchid” the color of 2014, and the cheery lilac is versatile enough to use as a pop of color among neutrals or in combination with another standout hue. Pantone suggests giving the spotlight to Radiant Orchid by using it with neutrals such as the aptly-named Sand or the warm grey Paloma. If you feel a little more daring, pair Radiant Orchid with another strong bright such as Cayenne (a spicy red), Freesia (a sunshine yellow), or Dazzling Blue (a classic and vibrant azure). Still intimidated by the intense colors? Try using the color in your smallest room- the bathroom.

Natural wood tones and stone wall tiles add a natural touch to a home redesign.

Natural wood tones and stone wall tiles are featured in this Homer Glen master bath remodel, creating a soothing sense of the outdoors.

Back to Nature

Designers are noticing nature-inspired decisions throughout home design, and what better time bring the outdoors inside? Wood is fast becoming the neutral this year, and its warmth and versatility make it ideal for “branching out” in ceilings or kitchen cabinets. Knotty woods are especially popular for their uniqueness and personality. You can further explore the natural trend by looking for rocks, minerals, and other natural elements to use in your home. One place to include a high-impact design piece is your kitchen backsplash. With all the open space from range hoods and sinks, you can create a focal point using marble and limestone slabs.

Light up your kitchen with bright white features and colorful or glass accents.

Accents of color and glass full height cabinetry create a contrasting visual impact in this bright white Hinsdale coach-house kitchen remodel.

Light Up Your Kitchen

A bright kitchen does wonders to improve a home’s overall aesthetic, lending a light-hearted and clean look to the rest of the house. White cabinets can be used in a variety of kitchen design styles, such as traditional, transitional, or contemporary, and can be especially impactful when utilized in floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. A white base is also a great starting point when deciding to incorporate bursts of color from spring’s lively color palette. Try using color accents when displaying dishware in glass-front cabinets or in small accessories scattered throughout the kitchen; this way, you can test out the new color scheme without fully committing.

Back in Brass

After years of having chrome, silver, and nickel as the go-to finishes for hardware, warm metals such as brass and gold are making a comeback. These finishes are especially desirable in luxury kitchen appliances and hardware as a way to make an elegant statement; consider using these warm metals in statement hoods. Brass finishes on lighting fixtures are another way to display this trend.

Design trends are about going out with the old and in with the new, and Drury Designs is ready to help revitalize your home with kitchen and bathroom remodels, no matter the season. Contact us with ideas, comments, and questions about how we can help achieve your vision for your home.