Top 50 Kitchen Design Award Goes to Drury Design and Petkus Interiors

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Top 50 Kitchen Design Award Goes to:

Drury Design and Petkus Interiors

Gail Drury of Drury Design and co-designer Janie Petkus of Janie Petkus Interiors in Hinsdale, Illinois have been recognized by Trends Publishing as the designers of a Trends Top 50 American Kitchen for 2012 / 2013 in October of 2012.

What is Trends?

Trends Publishing is an international publisher and a leader in home design content including magazines such as Trends Kitchen, online and video as well as and Trends TV.

The Trends Top 50 American Kitchen is a prestigious collection of some of the best kitchen design projects from around the world compiled and researched by Trends. The Trends selection panel chooses the Trends Top 50 American Kitchens on criteria of excellence in design, function, product specification and style.

Interview with Gail Drury

Let’s go behind the scenes with Gail Drury, CMKBD to get the inside story on a Trends Top 50 kitchen design in the Chicago area.  (Gail shares design credit with Janie Petkus, ASID of Petkus Interiors in Hinsdale, Illinois.)

How would you describe this project’s concept?

‘The overall concept of this large addition was to create a space for a busy, growing family to congregate in a space adjacent to the living area. Comfort and functionality were the top priorities for this large family’s kitchen but they also wanted a space that was defined by elegance and spaciousness.’

What makes this kitchen a standout?

‘The beautiful custom metal hood, framed in painted woodwork and cabinetry and the spacious, high ceilings are the focal points of this kitchen.’

Why do you think Trends chose this project as one of the Trends Top 50 Kitchens Designs?

‘The unique design of the “hearth” or range area is what makes this kitchen truly special.  The architectural woodwork details of the ceiling with the tray areas and indirect lighting also add an elegant touch that you don’t frequently see in kitchen design.’

How did your relationship with the interior designer contribute to this project’s success? 

‘Janie Petkus, the interior designer, was very involved in this project. I have worked with Janie before and we worked together to create the optimal layout, making sure the space functioned well.  We strategically placed cabinet accessories and all of the modern day appliances.’

Gail contributed to the engineering of the space as both symmetry and fit were critical to this design from the beam layout to the cabinetry layout. Ms. Petkus was responsible for creating a cohesive design with all material and finish selections.  She also contributed input in the layout of the space.

‘We started the process with four preliminary layouts in preparation of determining which one which worked best for the client. We actually combined a couple of the preliminary layouts in the end.  Janie was very in-tune to the client’s needs and has an amazing sense of style and made this project beautiful.  This was definitely a team effort,’ says Gail.

What do the readers/media need to know about this design? 

‘Everything in this design was custom made to fit this particular client’s needs and desires.’

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