Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2022

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Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2022

Looking for a unique backsplash idea for a kitchen remodel? That all-important wall space above countertops, better known as the backsplash, can be decorated a number of ways, from subway tile to glass tile to wallpaper and natural stone. 

Kitchen backsplash trends are constantly changing, but the good news is that nothing ever really goes out of style – various backsplashes can work in any current kitchen depending on how you work it into your design and style choices. This means you can use your creativity to make your kitchen your own – and if you choose, the backsplash can be a key focal point of your new kitchen design.

If you are looking for fresh backsplash ideas, read on…

The Latest Styles for Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen isn’t complete without the right backsplash. Kitchen backsplashes aren’t just critical for the wall protection they offer. They connect the entire kitchen design. 

What Are Some of the Newer Trends for Kitchen Backsplashes?

The latest styles for kitchen backsplashes are diverse and range from larger versions of the classic standby subway tile to creative kitchen backsplash ideas such as zig-zag wallpaper. 

“Tile envelopes,” where the backsplash tile covers the wall and extends to the ceiling, are also very popular.  Instead of using tile backsplash, consider implementing a mirrored backsplash or glass backsplash, which can also create the illusion of more space.

Another trendy alternative to a tile backsplash is to extend the countertop material to the backsplash. If you choose a quartz countertop, you can have that same beautiful quartz extended to the backsplash. Or you might choose a mosaic tile that repeats the design of your kitchen island.

What Old Kitchen Backsplash Trends Are Making a Comeback This Year?

Pattern-forming encaustic tiles, a Victorian favorite, continue to be popular. Instead of paint, these tiles feature different colors that are a part of the clays that they are comprised of.  They are designed to allow you to create a range of beautiful patterns. 

Retro wallpaper designs are another option for a kitchen backsplash that hearkens to yesteryear while still looking fresh and stylish. For a vintage yet modern look, consider a mosaic backsplash in a colorful, abstract pattern or decorative mural. Another option is mosaic tile in a classic hexagonal honeycomb shape.

How Do You Pick the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen and Lifestyle?

The right kitchen backsplash for you depends on your needs and the size and style of your kitchen. The best kitchen backsplash material for any kitchen will be durable and washable while enhancing the overall kitchen design.  While ceramic tile is always a good, reliable choice, many homeowners are also choosing other types such as glass tile or mirrored tile.

Kitchen Backsplashes for Small Kitchens

The backsplash is an important element of any kitchen remodel. In fact, your backsplash idea may be the starting point for your kitchen remodel, especially when designing a tiny kitchen. To make up for the lack of physical space, kitchen backsplashes in small kitchens can help increase the visual sense of space using color as well as shape. 

A bold and colorful tile backsplash, for example, can help create more visual space as well as ensure continuity with other design elements such as a kitchen island.

What Do You Need to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Backsplash for a Small Kitchen?

Most people want their small kitchens to look larger. The color and type of tile used can help visually expand the room.

Check out this kitchen backsplash idea: use longer rectangular tiles instead of standard brick-sized subway tile. Long parallel tiles can create a feeling of horizontal space. 

What Backsplash Colors Work Best for Small Kitchens?

Generally speaking, lighter colors make a room look spacious, which is why many people opt for white cabinets and backsplash tile in smaller spaces. You can also try lighter, neutral colors such as off-white, cream, beige or light grey. Or add just a hint of color with a pale blue, lemon or apricot. 

What Materials Work Best for a Small Kitchen Backsplash?

While a white kitchen will always be trendy and fresh, you can update the look by using different materials in your backsplash design. Think of stainless steel, marble tile or even mosaic tile in lighter colors. Tried-and-true ceramic tile is also an excellent choice for smaller kitchens because it can be custom cut to fit into odd corners and other cramped spaces. 

Kitchen Backsplashes for Large Kitchens

The backsplash for a large kitchen can be fun to plan.  Your goals for kitchen design may vary for larger spaces, such as making the room feel cozier or, alternatively, accentuating details for maximum visual impact. Your choice of backsplash can create these effects and more.

What Do You Need to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Backsplash for a Large Kitchen?

The kitchen backsplash you choose for your large kitchen depends on your imagination and, more practically, your budget. If you have a massive kitchen, consider the short and long-term installation and maintenance impacts of large swaths of backsplash tile. Do you want to deal with a lot of grout to keep clean? If not, you might opt for a slab backsplash instead. 

Another backsplash idea is to mix and match. For example, you could use mosaic tile to highlight a specific area and install ceramic tile in the rest of the space.

What Backsplash Colors Work Best for Large Kitchens?

The colors in large kitchen backsplash designs can lead to dramatically different effects. If you want to make your large kitchen feel smaller and cozier, choose darker, warmer colors. To create a sense of expansiveness, use lighter colors or reflective materials such as glass tile. 

Here’s another backsplash idea: consider using similar shades to create some depth while maintaining visual continuity, such as varying shades of white or grey using subway tile.

What Materials Work Best for a Large Kitchen Backsplash?

Ceramic tile is a great material to use for a large kitchen backsplash because it is extremely versatile, easy to maintain, and often affordable. Ceramic tile is nonporous, which makes it stain-resistant. It’s easy to customize and install and comes in almost every color with either a glazed or unglazed finish. 

Porcelain tile is a special type of ceramic that is harder and more durable. It’s not only stain-resistant but scratch-resistant and can be made to look like stone. It costs more than classic ceramic tile but might well be worth it depending on your kitchen plans.

You can also use metal backsplashes to match your stainless-steel appliances. Or for a classic look, choose marble tile to complement a marble countertop.

Newest Materials for Kitchen Backsplashes

The newest materials for kitchen backsplashes include eco-friendly options and tough, attractive laminates that come in all types of colors and styles.

Using Recycled Tile for Kitchen Backsplashes

For an eco-friendly option, choose tile that has been recycled, such as glass tile or mosaic tile made from renewable materials. Recycled backsplash tile isn’t the only green choice in backsplash trends. Some people build backsplashes made from recycled metals or even objects such as old music CDs. 

Benefits of Natural Stone for Kitchen Backsplashes

If you want an elegant backsplash beyond the standard ceramic tile backsplash, consider a stone backsplash. You can opt for a full slab or stone tile, both of which can be durable and attractive. 

As an alternative to natural stone, quartz in the form of engineered stone is becoming increasingly popular. The stone quartz is mixed with a polymer resin that makes it nonporous as well as heat resistant.

What Other Materials Are Used in Kitchen Backsplashes?

Laminates are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to backsplash tile. This versatile replacement for tile makes a great backsplash due to being resistant to moisture and stains. You can even get laminate that looks like subway tile without all the hassle of grout.

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