Classic Spa Bathroom – Wheaton, IL

The Setup

A huge built-in tub with heavy columns dominated the original bathroom – it just wasn’t the homeowners’ style. They were looking to update the room with a fresh look that felt more like “them.”

The couple each had their own wish lists. Hers was focused on aesthetics and was very clear: a contrasting combo of dark and crisp-white tile along with warm wood, soft bronze plumbing finishes, and an elegant soaking tub. His list was all about the shower. He wanted to match the experience of a luxury hotel shower. 

Design objectives:

  • Open up the space and omit heavy millwork details
  • Furniture-style vanity in a warm wood finish
  • Classic neutral palette
  • Ample storage for toiletries and towels
  • Luxurious modern technology, especially in the shower

The Remodel

“I’m not good at coming up with ideas,” the homeowner focused on the shower told us. “I like it when someone taps into my idea and gives me the options of what I’m looking for. That’s what Drury Design did for me and the shower while making my wife’s clear vision for everything else happen.” 

Once the goals were clear, we identified the project’s challenges and solutions so the Drury Design installation team could make the remodel a reality.

Design challenges:

  • Expand and open up the shower in a way that lets in more light
  • Continue crown molding from the rest of the home – solve for how this could work around the shower
  • More storage solutions in the same space
  • Create an elegant, streamlined look that unifies all of the new elements

Design solutions:

  • Adding a soffit above the shower area allows crown molding to flow continuously 
  • Large Robern medicine cabinets offer convenient eye-level storage while freeing up vanity space. The mirrors on both sides of the inner medicine cabinet make them bright and sleek without having to be lit.
  • Open elegance – spacious tone and feel created by free-standing tub highlighted by a large wall mirror and oversized sconces
  • White quartz with black and bronze veining ties all the materials together
  • Warm, contrasting character of walnut adds a nice infusion of nature into the spa-like space

The Renewed Space

This elegant bathroom is all about symmetry and well-thought-out details. A classic, spa-like appeal emanates from simple beveled subway tile, herringbone patterns in the floor and shower niches, and the gorgeous walnut vanity. The result is a beautiful bathroom that checks all the boxes from the homeowners’ original wish lists.

Our Process | Get to Know Us

  • Brand: Compac
  • Type: Quartz
  • Color: Unique Calacatta Macchia Vecchia
  • Brand: Drury Custom
  • Finish: Natural Grey Burnishing
  • Door style: Drury Custom
Special Features:
  • Shower niche for handheld imbues a sense of symmetry
  • Lovely walnut vanity elevates the space
  • Beautiful lighting creates an upscale vibe
  • Heated floors keep tile warm underfoot
  • Kohler Real Rain showerhead creates an unrivaled rainfall shower experience
  • Wifi-enabled Kohler DTV+
  • Water resistant exterior grade crown molding omits concerns about moisture from steam shower
  • In-drawer vanity outlets add convenience
  • Tile base around room
  • 12′ x 12′

“We’re busy. We have careers and we’re running around taking three kids to their activities. To have a professional company like Drury Design come in and guide us through the process – take our input and give their input – and run the construction and everything… it was just a great experience.”

Luxury Shower

 Functionality-wise, this shower has it all:

  • plenty of room
  • bench
  • steam
  • transom window
  • heated floor
  • luxurious main and handheld showerheads
  • body sprays
  • Kohler Real Rain 18” ceiling-mount showerhead 
  • Kohler DTV+ system

The Kohler Real Rain showerhead simulates actual raindrops falling. The experience is surreal…. quite different compared to standing under a standard ceiling-mounted showerhead that merely streams more water through a larger array of spray holes. There’s also a “deluge” function that simulates the release of a large amount of water in a single moment. (Think Flashdance!)

The entire system is operated and managed through Kohler’s DTV+ system, which can be controlled via an app. That means the homeowners can start their shower (and the connected towel warmer) while lying in bed. The system allows them to store settings with exact temperatures for each person and situation (think morning shower, post-jog shower, etc.) and they can program it to fire up in the morning like a coffee maker. As it turns out, the family has also learned that the shower is ideal for two very special family members. The bench and handheld showerhead make it ideal for showering Maggie and Gus, the family labradoodles!

Before / After

See Kohler’s Real Rain Showerhead and DTV+ system in action:

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