Sleek Modern Remodel – Wheaton, IL

The setup

The owners of this true mid-century ranch in Wheaton were ready for a kitchen update. The home’s main living room area is decorated in a very cool, sparse way with plenty of nods to mid-century design. A new kitchen would need to bridge classic and modern notions of Mid-Century expression through the style’s characteristic clean lines and artistic notions of simplicity and straightforward functionality. 

The remodel

The idea was to keep a hint of mid-century influence in a modern design that could somehow be more open while accommodating more storage

The objectives were:

  • Stay within the existing space while creating an open feel and winning more storage room
  • Make the space brighter while using a darker cabinet finish
  • Create proper ventilation for the range

Design challenges we solved for:

  • Open the kitchen to the adjacent dining room without sacrificing storage
  • Remove multiple layers of flooring to make the kitchen floor level with the rest of the house
  • Match the new kitchen flooring to the flooring in nearby dining and living spaces

The Renewed Space

Problems solved. Here’s what we did:

  • Took out soffits around the kitchen to allow for taller cabinets with more storage
  • Added cabinet pull-outs that maximize under-cabinet storage space
  • Used large cabinets in standard sizes
  • Skipped cabinets on the window wall, opting for space- and light-friendly floating shelves
  • Enhanced overall brightness with bright, white counters and textured white tile that offered a connecting contrast to the darker woodgrain cabinets
  • Took out a post between the kitchen and dining room to make the space feel more open
  • Added under-cabinet lights – unobtrusive and handy for task lighting

The owners love the look, feel and functionality of their new kitchen. Its sleek, modern character and notions of mid-century spirit add new excitement to the home’s original 1958 personality. 

  • Brand: Mouser
  • Finish: East Elm
  • Door style: Slab
  • Brand: Impact
  • Type: Quartz
  • Color: Snow Flurry
  • 30″ KitchenAid Range to match existing
  • 36″ KitchenAid Fridge
  • Sharp Micro Drawer
  • Kohler Faucet
Size of space:
  • 13′ x 14′
Special Features:
  • Corner optimizers and pull-out pantries to maximize storage
  • Custom-designed end cabinet that swings open from the side

BEFORE/AFTER images below

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