Statement Master Bath – Lombard

The Setup

The homeowner’s existing master bath had a single sink where the current vanity/make-up area is and a closet where the current sinks are. It wasn’t much of a master bath.

Design Objectives

  • Two sinks and more counter space
  • Separate vanity/make-up area with seating and task lighting
  • A pop of color to add character and offset black and white elements
  • Fun floor tile that makes a statement
  • Define the space as a true master bath

The Remodel

Design challenges included:

  • Finding a location for two sinks
  • Finding a location for a vanity/make-up area
  • Opening up and brightening a small, narrow space

The Renewed Space

Removing a closet and reorganizing the sink and counter layout in such small space dramatically changed the feel of this bathroom. We also removed a small wall that was at the end of the old closet. With the toilet/shower area opened up, more natural light enters and bounces around the room. The white quartz counters, a lighted mirror and updated lighting above the new sinks contribute greatly to the new open feel. A new door in a slightly shifted doorway is another new feature that brings privacy and a true master bath feel to the suite. Bold black and white elements and a pop color add the kind of statement feel that can be found throughout the rest of the house.


9’ x 11’


Brand: Mouser

Finish: Lilypad

Door style: Plaza


Brand: Vicastone

Type: Quartz

Color: Pure White

Plumbing Fixtures:
  • Delta shower fixtures and sink faucets
  • Kohler toilet and sinks
  • American Standard bathtub


Special Features:
  • A pull-out grooming organizer in the make-up vanity includes heat resistant receptacles for a blow dryer and hair irons.
  • Black-grid patterned shower doors
  • Backlit oval mirror
  • Black and white patterned floor 


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