Vintage Vibes Pantry – Chicago’s Hyde Park

The Setup

This pantry was part of a larger kitchen remodel.

Before the remodel, this particular area of the house wasn’t super functional for the client. It was really just a pass-through space to the back staircase, the stairs to basement, and the kitchen. Our goal was to make this space more functional and provide additional storage.

Design Objectives:

  • Increase storage
  • Add functionality
  • Include space for Goldie’s crate

The Remodel

Design Challenges:

  • Lots of doorways made laying this space out a challenge
  • Create continuity with the adjacent kitchen
  • Offer plenty of storage for overflow pantry items
  • Add space for pet supplies and cleaning products
  • Build around the super-convenient old-school laundry shoot!

Design Solutions:

  • Closing up an unneeded door to the dining room created space for a “between the studs” storage section
  • Tall storage cabinets
  • Door storage to maximize efficiency in the deeper pantry cabinets
  • Dedicate space for storage opposite of Goldie’s crate – there’s plenty of room for both!

The Renewed Space

What was once unused, wasted space is now a super-functional room with lots of added storage.

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Our Process | Get to Know Us

  • Drury Design Custom – Super White paint on maple
Pantry Size:
  • Approx 10′ 6″ x 11″
Special Features:
  • Tall shallow cabinet replaces a former doorway to the dining room
  • Super-functional tall pantry cabinet
  • Pretty lighting enhances the space
  • Custom door for laundry shoot access

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