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Why beverage stations are trending in 2024…

Your home has a dedicated laundry area, family room and entertainment center. If you’re thinking of doing a spring refresh in your home, why not add a dedicated beverage station too? Especially with family and guests, a drink center can add convenience and luxury to your home. Plus, you get to customize it to fit your personal aesthetic. Functionality, versatility, and many more reasons play into the hot topic of beverage stations. 

This integrated beverage station acting as a bar replaced this client’s old bar area that was informal and lacked in refrigeration and a sink. This was part of a larger remodel that included a kitchen and dining area. The Kohler Gentleman’s Faucet helps designate the area as a bar. 

The Purpose of a Beverage Station

Beverage stations are dedicated areas within your home used to serve drinks. They allow your family and guests to grab a refill without running to the kitchen so they can keep mingling and visiting during a party. With less traffic through the cooking area, the chef can focus on prepping food. And, as a bonus, a custom beverage station with a refrigerator, sink and cabinets with adjustable shelves lets you stay stocked up for any large party or small get-together.

There are several different types of beverage centers, and each serves its own purpose. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Wet bar: Equipped with a sink, this type of beverage station provides an area to rinse used glasses, refill ice trays for the beverage center refrigerator, or fill up a glass of drinking water.
  • Dry bar: This option doesn’t include running water, but is perfect for storing wine and liquor bottles, coffee supplies, glasses and cups.
  • Coffee bar: This can be a wet or dry bar depending on your preference. Your custom coffee station can have counter space for your favorite coffee machine, coffee mugs, sugar and creamer.

You can customize each type of beverage station to your personal style and decide whether you want your beverage center to be the room’s focal point or blend into the room. With so many options available, plus the convenience it adds, your home needs and deserves a beverage station. 

This dry bar functions as a buffer from this client’s back entry to their kitchen. It is a sophisticated area set apart from the kitchen but easy for family and guests to access. This was part of a larger kitchen and family room refresh


Since one of the many benefits of a beverage center is decreasing traffic through your cooking space during a party, the kitchen might not be the best location. However, if you have a large kitchen that can accommodate a dedicated beverage station, you might be able to take advantage of existing plumbing and electrical lines for the bar’s sink, refrigerator and lighting. 

If you prefer the beverage station to be away from the kitchen, consider your main entertaining area. This might be your living room, family room or basement. You can even add a drink station to your backyard for those warm-weather parties!

This outdoor beverage station with refrigeration doubles as the outdoor kitchen’s food prep area. This was a part of a large outdoor kitchen project

Beverage Centers Must Haves:

What’s a beverage center ‘must’ ? 

Gladys Schanstra, Owner/Creative Director: 

  •  Zip Faucets: A cool addition to your beverage center. They can dispense sparkling water, regular water, etc. Definitely ideal for clients that host family and guests often. 
  • Sinks and Dishwashers are a huge plus to minimize mess in the main kitchen area. It designates a spot for speedy clean up. 
  • Integration. Gladys says she often disguises a beverage center in a clever way to look seamless. She’s been adding them to bedrooms, especially in new construction projects. She likes to equip a bedroom beverage center with a fridge, coffee machine and ice maker. 

This transitional space between a kitchen and a family room functions as a beverage station. It features with a large wine fridge, microwave, and coffee station. 

Diana Burton, Senior Designer:

  •  Wine fridge: A refrigeration unit with dual zones for red and white is nice!  Sub-Zero has great options you can check out here.  
  • Wine cooler/dispenser: Wine on tap? Yes, please!   Dacor has a wine dispenser with dual temperature zones!

In this award-winning Arts & Crafts Kitchen, Senior Designer Samantha Schoell added detail to the beverage station with tile accents.

Beverage Station Design and Decor:

The overall design choices with colors, tile, appliances, and added accessories will really pull your beverage center space together. Here are a few ideas on what to add to your beverage station for convenience, functionality and style:

• bar tools and utensils
• ice bucket and tongs
• a bar book with cocktail recipes
• decorative canisters for coffee and tea

Each detail you choose for your beverage station should embody your style. So take your time, and choose items you’ll be happy with and want to show off to your family and guests! 

Open shelving, refrigeration options and drinkware on display add a mini-bar vibe to this bev center.

Ready to add a beverage station to your home?

A custom beverage station can add convenience, functionality and luxury to your home. And since you get to select every design element, finish and accessory, it’s a fun project that lets you show off your personal aesthetic!

To turn your ideal beverage station into a reality, you’ll need the services of an experienced team of professionals. Get in touch with us today to schedule a design consultation.

This stylish beverage center by Senior Designer Alicia Saso focused on a classic bar look that contrasted dramatically with the client’s more neutral kitchen.

Heavy-duty pull-outs house a full bar’s worth of booze and accessories in this beverage station by Design Coordinator Basia Kozub. It’s part of a  kitchen that also conceals an office. 

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