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Dear Drury Design,

What should I know about the Drury Designers when it comes to particular design styles?


Maria from Pilsen


Hi Maria,  

Great question. Many designers have a very specific look that they lean into.  For example, when you think of Joanna Gaines, your mind might go straight to casual farmhouse kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

Joanna Gaines’ Casual Farmhouse design style was, and continues to be, very influential

At Drury, our goal is to ensure that the finished spaces we create reflect your taste, not necessarily own personal style. We want each project to have its own distinctive look –  your look.

Early in the process, we ask a lot of questions and take note of what you like and don’t like in your current space – that includes furniture, wall colors, lighting and accessories. Our questions are also designed to help us understand what you might like in your future space. We’ll look at the photos you bring in. You’ll look at our photos. The images spur fun discussions and further the conversation about the design style you’re after.

We spend lots of time zeroing in on the your personal aesthetic. When it’s time to select materials, we’ll keep that “vibe” in mind to ensure that every choice fits the game plan.

We’ve worked on everything from vintage kitchens in historic homes to classic bathrooms to super modern spa baths, and everything in between. Helping you find your own design voice is part of the fun!

Fresh Vintage Kitchen

Classic Spa Bathroom

Modern Spa-Like Primary Bath

As you can see, the formula we bring to the table involves ideas, experience, a lot of listening and exploration. Where we end up has everything to do with what you want, which is quite different compared to a process involving a designer doing the same things within a certain design style over and over again. 

The best client compliments we get are, “This space feels like me” and “I smile every time I walk in.” That means we’ve successfully created an artful space in your design style. 


The Drury Design Team


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