Kitchen Remodeling Costs and Factors

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Kitchen Remodeling Costs and Factors

Kitchens are an incredibly popular remodeling choice for homeowners. In fact, the National Association of Homebuilders claimed that major kitchen remodels accounted for 78% of projects last year, making it the second most popular home renovation.

Major kitchen remodels don’t have to be massive to make an impact. Kitchen remodeling costs tend to add up due to the emphasis on style and aesthetics, which typically involves removing walls and reconfiguring the layout. Small kitchen remodels tend to focus more on functionality than those based on aesthetics. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to consider your needs and wants. Ask yourself: What’s the reason you’re remodeling?

If you’re looking for precise estimates on kitchen remodeling costs, you can end up hitting a brick wall. The primary reason is that kitchen remodeling professionals cannot issue kitchen remodeling estimates from afar. It’s hard enough giving cost estimates when you’re on-site and familiar with the client and the kitchen. However, when a designer provides an estimate, he or she is dealing with a blend of competing factors, such as selected materials, the cost of those materials, when those materials are needed, labor costs, size of the space, and so on. Once you have locked down a rough estimate, other factors get introduced (season, locale, drywall, lumber prices are up—you name it) and everything changes once again.

Since there are so many smaller projects included in a complete kitchen renovation, it’s important to know which ones are the most expensive. This can help you budget accordingly and decide where it’s worth saving some money.


The most expensive remodel item in a kitchen is new cabinetry. It makes up 27-30% of the entire kitchen cost. At Drury Design all our cabinetry is custom made for your project for perfect fit and finish. We carry three luxury brands: Rutt, Grabill, and Mouser

Labor & Appliances

Next is the overall cost of labor/installation. When you hire a kitchen remodeling professional, you can expect to spend 17-25% of the entire budget on installation services. This is the one area where we recommend erring on the side of caution if your urge is to save and hire cheap labor and unskilled tradesmen. This usually ends producing disastrous results, forcing homeowners to spend thousands of dollars to redo a poorly-done job. Make sure you hire an experienced kitchen design professional. Professional craftsmen typically factor into the total in a range from 15% to 25%. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggests 17% as the median. However, this percentage will vary depending on the size of the space and the features you install. All in all, hiring a kitchen remodeling professional is the best way to get a beautifully-redesigned kitchen and for the most bang for your buck.


As you may have guessed countertops are another expensive item, accounting for about 10% of the total remodel cost. In 2020, quartz countertops have definitively won over granite in the hearts and minds of homeowners. Other popular choices include natural wood butcher block counters, concrete, laminate, glass, tile, and Corian. 


Next up is flooring, which accounts for approximately 7-9% of the total budget. Porcelain and ceramic tile is a popular kitchen flooring choice that is reasonably priced. Installing hardwood or natural stone tile runs on the expensive side. Materials such as engineered wood, vinyl plank, and linoleum flooring are more budget-friendly options.

Usually, all the other items that are included in a kitchen remodel such as new paint, backsplash, lighting, are 3-4% of the total budget each. 

If you’re just starting your kitchen remodeling journey, things can often feel overwhelming. After all, there are a lot of details and costs to keep track of, and it’s often unclear where to start. No matter where you are in the remodeling process, we recommend bringing a professional design expert into the mix.

Our team at Drury Design lives and breathes kitchen remodeling. Our professionals not only have an eye for great design, but they can advise you on what other homeowners have been doing, what’s trending, and what tends to deliver the best value.

Getting started is easy! To have one of our design professionals come to your home to take measurements and talk about your kitchen remodeling cost estimates and options, drop us a line at 630-469.4980

Alternatively, stop by our conveniently located Glen Ellyn showroom, meet with our on-site designers, and check out our selection of new counters, cabinets, flooring, and more.

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