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Remodeling Your Kitchen In Naperville, IL

Are you considering a remodel? Are you wondering what’s trending in Naperville homes? Drury Design has completed countless projects in the area and we’re ready to share our secrets with you! 

With local, regional and national favorite shops and restaurants – Naperville is like no other. With top-notch housing, shopping, schooling, and dining, Naperville is the premier destination in Chicagoland for many growing families.

Remodeling trends in Naperville have changed over the years and if you are looking to enhance your existing kitchen design or start from scratch with a new Naperville Kitchen then keep reading to find out what the latest Naperville Kitchen Remodeling trends are.

It does of course, all depend what your personal style is. Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional styles of design are the three most common in the industry. For those just starting to look at remodeling, it can be hard to determine what your personal style is.

Contemporary Style is sometimes referred to as “modern.” This style is most known for being extremely sleek, with straight lines and a minimalist look. The color palette is most always neutral, with pops of bold color used throughout.

Traditional Style is classic in every sense of the word. With this style, craftsmanship is highlighted by including heavy detailing such as hand-carved wood, patterned fabrics and intricate hardware.

Transitional Style is a balance between Contemporary and Traditional styles. This style generally employs the neutral color palette of Contemporary style but strays from angular shapes and instead showcases the rounded look of Traditional styles.

If you are planning to remodel a kitchen, looking for the next sophisticated trend, or looking for inspiration for a basic kitchen rejuvenation, then you’ve come to the right place!  
The kitchen used to be tucked away in the back of the house, now; it is paraded in all its beauty and warmth and is the center of attention. The general trend for kitchens are leaning more towards personalization. When it comes to color, finishing, and overall design; we’ve found Naperville homeowners want something unique and personal.

Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

  • Opposing TexturesDesigners and homowners alike are leaning towards opposing or contrasting textures to give the kitchen an edge to its design. This will consist of a combination of contrasting textures and trending finishes from the kitchen cabinets to the flooring, each will provide a very peculiar look.

  • Seamless Appliances: An integrated approach to placement of your appliances in key in Naperville remodels these days. We find that induction cooktops are going to be growing in popularity due to their elegant and seamless look. The big bulky appliances aren’t as popular in the midwest and instead, luxurious integration and smooth lines are.

  • Suspended Light Fixtures: Can lights while sometimes necessary are nothing compared to beautiful suspended light fixtures! These hanging lights will notate the different sections within the kitchen especially in an open space plan. The dining area will be the main driver of these suspended light fixture areas and could act as jewelry for the space giving it the extra wow factor.

  • Technology + Digital Integration: The Internet is all around us and with it everything in your kitchen design is too! Think
    wi-fi enabled espresso makers, toasters, refrigerators, wine technology, and much more. Maybe you need a spot for Alexa, and Google home? No problem. 

  • Larger Backsplashes: At Drury Design we’ve been known to use taller backsplashes to hide the mundane look of drywall, this can also make the room appear larger than it is. We predict this is a feature that will gain traction in other kitchen remodeling designs as well.

  • Open Floor Plans: A trend that has gained popularity for all the right reasons, an open floor plan as the name suggests, is a home with a more open layout to it, with one or more large, open rooms that function as multiple rooms within a single living space 

A Mix of Modern & Classic

Depending on the specific homeowners preference there will be a combination of homes designed for a classic look and for a modern look.  We’ve found that what most people want a balanced interior design with modern appliances built into their classic kitchen look. And there are a number of ways to accomplish this as well! 

Mixing colors up with a two-toned kitchen design is gaining popularity and proves a great way to mix and match. Why choose just one color for a kitchen when you can have two or three. This creates layers to the kitchen and is very eye appealing. Not only are we seeing many Naperville homes mix paint colors but other materials too, including flooring and also the metals in the appliances and hardware.

No matter what colors you do choose you may be interested to know that popular color schemes that have proved they’re here to stay are those in the blue, gray, and white family. These colors have remained consistent over the past few years and are still on the rise in Naperville Kitchen Designs. This is good news, because keeping a neutral color base allows for the option to add pops of color throughout and is a timeless look for your kitchen.

As far as cabinets go, including glass cabinets is another frequent design trend. Exposed cabinets are also appealing to the eye, as long as you keep them tidy and clean! Finding the right cabinetry for your kitchen remodel is a task that a design professional will make easy for you.

Countertops are also an important factor to consider when remodeling your Naperville home. We have seen a rise of quartz in recent years and  following close behind is the ever so popular granite countertops. In years prior the top chosen material for countertops was always granite but quartz is now viewed as the elite material that not only looks beautiful, but is aslo long lasting and timeless, definitely something to keeo in mind as you begin your Naperville remodel project.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Naperville

There are plenty of factors that can increase or decrease your kitchen remodel cost, but more often than not, materials and labor will garner a majority of your kitchen reno budget. As such, it’s imperative to search both categories extensively before embarking on any Naperville kitchen renovation.

Things that influence your kitchen remodel costs:

1. Materials– obviously the materials you choose can really start add up. Working with your designer is how this could become easier for you. Designers have access to endless resources at all price points. Kitchen cabinets for example, come in a variety of styles and prices and you want to choose a designer who will be able to give you budget numbers for a few price tiers specific to your kitchen remodel. This will ensure you get quality products that are still in your price range.

2. Kitchen Size- the bigger the kitchen, typically means more money will go into remodeling it. More space means more resources.

3. Longevity- how long you plan on living in the home affects your kitchen remodeling cost. With any project, you expect a certain return on investment. However, costs tend to be very different if you’re remodeling to sell versus remodeling to enjoy for years to come.

How to choose a Kitchen Remodeler for your Naperville Home

For complicated jobs such as kitchen renovations, many homeowners seek designers who’ve achieved special training and professional credentials. A major source of certification is the trade-based National Kitchen and Bath Association. An NKBA-certified designer has studied construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing technologies and safety and professional conduct standards. Certification indicates a broad knowledge base that ranges from knowing where to put plumbing pipes to choosing the right size stove for your space. Checking a designer’s professional credentials is one way to further your choice of someone to oversee your renovation.

Asking your friends for recommendations is one way to find a kitchen designer, but asking designers‘ clients might be more revealing. Any design professional should be forthcoming about references, and following up on those references is an important part of choosing a designer. Make time to see previous projects and talk with previous clients. This will show you the designer’s style in final form, give you an idea of how the designer solved problems similar to yours and suggest potential problem areas, and give you an idea of all remodeling services. Additionally, if you’re a very visual person, finding a design firm that offers 3D renderings of your project before you complete it may be helpful in seeing just how they plan to transform your space. 


3D Rendering


“When we looked at our kitchen project in 3D, we loved the special features our designer proposed. We’d never considered before how they related to both the function and overall aesthetics of our kitchen. Drury Design offers a wonderful remodeling experience that begins with ideas and ends with an outstanding result” says Karen and Mike Parmelee of Naperville, IL.

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