Powder Room Partner in an Exquisite Supporting Role – Batavia, IL

The Setup

Our clients were in the middle of a major kitchen renovation. As the materials began to be installed, they sensed the stunning change about to occur & began to look more closely at adjacent rooms. The powder room, situated around the corner, was clearly not going to measure up to the kitchen transformation. The homeowners knew they needed an amazing change there, as well.

Design Objectives:

  • Create a dramatic setting that would inspire a second-take look
  • Incorporate eye-catching materials that complement the new finishes in the adjacent kitchen
  • Use the client’s inspiration photos as a guideline while incorporating unique finishes
  • Design an easy-to-use and clean guest bathroom

The Remodel

Design Challenges

  • Identifying materials and features that would not overwhelm a small space
  • Maintaining the existing sink centerline for a non-cabinet vanity solution
  • Planning a wall panel pattern for different-sized walls

The Renewed Space

Design solutions:

  • Newly paneled walls were painted in a dark color to disguise different-sized panel sections & provide an intense backdrop for all materials
  • A wall-mounted, raised apron vanity was fabricated from porcelain slabs, resulting in a more visually spacious room
  • Calacatta Zebrino honed marble in a parquet pattern adds vibrancy & distinctiveness to the floor
  • Wall-mount faucets offer an easy-to-clean vanity surface

This is a classic example of how one remodel project can influence adjacent areas. A newly-remodeled room typically boasts all new finishes and as a result, sometimes nearby spaces can appear to be outdated. While their kitchen remodel was in progress, this couple recognized the feeling of pride they would have in using and sharing their new kitchen with others. The desire to extend that emotion into the nearby powder room was inevitable.

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  • 6′ x 4’9″

Custom-fabricated porcelain vanity


Brand: Antolini
Type: Porcelain
Color: Calacatta Macchia Vecchia

Plumbing & Accessories:
  • Kohler Occasion Collection
  • Wall-mount lavatory faucets & accessories in brushed moderne brass
  • Sconce light in brushed moderne brass
  • Essential rectangular mirror in brushed moderne brass
  • Caxton rectangular undermount sink in white
  • Cimarron continuous clean, elongated, comfort height commode in white

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