Teen Bathroom Remodel – Hinsdale, IL

Ever notice that luxury living space designers tend to show a lot of kitchens and primary bathrooms? Ever wonder if any these homeowners have kids – what do those bathrooms look like?

Let’s talk about it. Yes – children and teenagers get living space upgrades all the time. The somewhat subdued designs of their renewed spaces just don’t get the spotlight that often. Too much adolescent design pop can be risky – young people grow up quickly and grow out of the bright, cheery spaces that matched their ages so perfectly just a few years prior. In the teen years, they’re not quite ready for, nor do they want adult-style bathrooms that take their cues from resort spas and luxury hotels. 

The teen bathroom remodel you see here is a good example of what makes sense for those inbetween years. This particular bathroom was designed for two teenage boys to share.  

Note the emphasis on functionality. Each boy can set up shop on his own side of the vanity. Each has an outlet and plenty of cabinet storage. A shared middle drawer has a built-in outlet for keeping razors out of the way while charging. The color palette is soothing but just bold enough. 

A pocket door saves space while offering some privacy during busy times. 

Consider the utility of the handheld shower head and bench combo – a handy setup for tending to sports injuries or powering through sore mornings after team practice.

This space isn’t devoid of personal touches, though. The hexagon tiles in the shower are subtle but have a very special meaning. You see, this family has a history of participating in the National Spelling Bee contest. The dad went the distance a few decades ago and now both boys compete.  The honeycomb motif serves as a daily reminder of the family’s shared passion and the endless possibilities that await when you set an intention and work hard at it.

This bathroom is part of a larger remodel that included a new primary bath, a primary suite closet and a new kitchen



  • Brand: Grabill
  • Finish: Concrete Biianco
  • Door style: Slab
  • Brand: Silestone
  • Type: Quartz
  • Color: Ocean Jasper
Size of space:
  • 12′ x 6′

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