Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

It’s difficult to find the perfect lighting for your bathroom. Ceiling lights, decorative fixtures, natural light… there are so many options and it’s hard to know how to blend them.

Types of Bathroom Lighting

First, consider if you want your bathroom to feature artificial or natural lighting. Any bathroom will need to rely on artificial light at certain times, of course, but a mindful design can highlight available natural light in very effective ways.  Bathrooms are comforting spaces, so you’ll want your lighting to feel cozy. Natural light gives off warmth that is difficult to mimic. It’s also the most environmentally friendly option. However, there’s more to consider in your design than just natural light.

Quality Bathroom Light Bulbs

Artificial lighting can make your bathroom the most luxurious place in your home.

One of the more common options these days is light emitting diodes (LEDs). They are bright, but not too harsh, and better for the environment than other kinds of bulbs. LED bulbs are perfect when paired with natural light because they are similar in color temperature and brightness. Their similarity to natural light makes LEDs a great option in bathroom lighting.

Smart bulbs are for techier people who want their home to match their innovative minds. Smart bulbs can change their color and brightness, and they can be controlled from an app on your phone. Their versatility makes them useful in any room! They can be used in overhead lighting or accent lighting to highlight specific areas. Those who opt for this smart and savvy bulb will be spending a bit more for its benefits.

Halogen and incandescent bulbs are other less popular options. Halogen lighting is banned in some countries due to the heat they give and their costlier (in)efficiency ratings. Incandescent lighting tends to have a yellow hue to it, which should be avoided in bathroom settings – you don’t want light that gives off a cubicle aesthetic.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is lighting that is used for different purposes throughout your bathroom. It allows for light consistency whether it rains or shines – your lights will provide the same glow. There are three goals to consider when using layered lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting.

Task lighting is vital because it’s the most functionally useful, usually in a vanity used for self-care. It provides clear light so when you’re applying makeup or shaving, you’re seeing your skin tone in natural lighting.

Ambient lighting is used to balance dark spots in your room. It is often executed via recessed lighting, meaning it’s flush with the surface. Recessed light opens the space, making it appear larger than if you had any shadows.

Finally, accent lighting is for making a statement. If you have wall decor you want to show off, this is the opportunity to use an accent light. For added glamour, use a light with different colors and a dimmer to set the mood.

How Many Lights Does Your Bathroom Need?

Now that you know what kind of lighting you should be looking for, let’s talk about how bright your lights should be and how many you will need.

If you want overhead lighting, up to seventy-five watts will work best. If you opt for sconce lighting, or something that goes on the wall rather than the ceiling, you’ll want something less intense, closer to sixty watts. However, if you are lighting a half bathroom you can go even lower, down to forty-five.

How many lights you need depends on the size of the room. If you have an idea of what the rest of your bathroom will look like, you will have an advantage. People who wear makeup and need up-close task lighting will need one to two vanity lights. Sometimes clients opt for an LED light strip around the perimeter of the bathroom vanity. This is great for full coverage but having a wall sconce on either side of the mirror works just as well. You should invest in two to four recessed fixtures, depending on how big the room is and if you want shower lights.

Sometimes people are worried about having too many lights. Too much light can cause eye strain, or it can appear too harsh on the skin. One of the most common lighting mistakes is having too little, as opposed to too much. Always opt for more with attention to the quality of the light bulb. If you’re choosing the right fixture and placement—and the right kind of bulb—you can make a luxurious, timeless bathroom.

Strategic Placement Ideas for Bathroom Lights

Modern bathroom lighting is a delicate balance of space optimization and light. Everything should be evenly spaced to allow for the most efficient distribution of light, even if your style isn’t strictly modern. Even in a rustic bathroom, recessed lighting is a good option. These lights should be far enough away from the wall – several inches at least—so they don’t provide a spotlight effect unless you are trying to use them for accent lighting. Task lighting should be placed close to where you will be applying makeup or performing personal grooming tasks. Any vanity should have an adjacent light fixture. These tips will help make your bathroom look as bright and beautiful as ever.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Every Design Style

Whether you are lighting a master or half bathroom, each one should be lit differently according to their size and layout. Smaller bathrooms require less lighting because of limited space. Ambient lighting is always necessary because it’s meant to cover the largest amount of area. If personal grooming is being done in your smaller bathroom, there should be task lighting installed. If not, then it may not be necessary to include a vanity light or accent light. Your preferences on design will determine what kind of light fixture will work best. Recessed lighting is great for a sleek aesthetic. Rustic or industrial lighting looks beautiful with more hardware showing, but it is not a requirement. A sconce or downlight would suit a rustic bathroom just as well.

No matter what kind of style you are going for, our professional designers are dedicated to our client-focused design™. Whether you are looking for a new bath design or deciding on what light fixture to install, we have ample options that will satisfy your most luxurious ideas. Whether you enjoy a rustic look, a modern aesthetic or something more vintage, your decision should be based on what will look good and last a long time. Any bathroom style—be it traditional, industrial or modern—must be cohesive. A matching interior makes the largest difference in upscale bathroom lighting.

Making Decisions

Now you know all the major decisions that come with upgrading your bathroom lighting, and you’re fully equipped to discuss options with our designers at Drury Design. It is complicated to find the perfect design that fits your style, but we’re here to make it happen. Whatever you want your bathroom to be, we will bring it to life.

When you’re ready to bring your dream bathroom to life, let us light the way. Speak with one of our dedicated designers today.

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