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by Gladys Schanstra, Drury Design Owner/Creative Director

Your bathroom vanity is more than just a cabinet – it’s a central fixture that sets the tone for your bathroom’s aesthetic and functionality possibilities. The wide range of available vanities makes it easy to find one that fits your style preferences and space constraints.

Vanity Types to Consider

Bathroom vanities are available in a range of types. Then, of course, each type is available in a range of design styles.

Let’s look at the different types:

Floating Vanities: Mounted to the wall, these units create a seamless, easy-to-clean look. Floating vanities are a natural fit for bathrooms with a modern/contemporary design style. 

A floating vanity is a fitting focal point anchoring the modern design of this powder room. This was part of a larger remodel that included a kitchen, bar, family room and  butler’s pantry. 

Single Vanities: Most vanity considerations start with an important, simple question: does the bathroom need 1 or 2 sinks?  Single vanities are ideal for standard bathrooms like a hall bathroom, a powder room or a non-primary bathroom attached to a bedroom. Functionality considerations like storage and countertop size are very important.

Colors, materials and a blend of geometric shapes and unpredictable patterns work together to make this powder room elegant and comfortable.

Double Vanities: Offering two sinks, these are perfect for shared bathrooms and master suites.

This double vanity offers plenty of countertop space and storage, matching the bathroom’s overall spacious yet understated elegance.

Console Vanities: These open-design vanities have feet for support. Some in the traditional style are built very open and have a pipe-like support structures. Transitional and modern versions can be a bit more boxy but will have open niches that offer easy-access to open storage spaces underneath.

This traditional console vanity evokes a 1920s-era art deco elegance that blends nicely with the powder room’s transitional design elements. 

Freestanding Vanities: Freestanding vanities stand on their own. However, like a wobbly cafe table, a less than 100% stable freestanding vanity is 100% annoying and can lead to larger problems. Some kind of wall mounting for stability is usually a good idea – this can preserve the integrity of plumbing connections.

Even in the tightest spaces, a freestanding vanity helps minimize, rather the amplify, the presence of cabinetry.

Island Vanities: For spacious bathrooms, these provide ample storage and a stunning focal point.

This rendering illustrates the elegant solution of an island vanity in dividing functional zones within a spacious primary bathroom, seamlessly integrating style and purpose.

Wall-to-Wall Vanities: Spanning an entire wall, a wall-to-wall vanity is great for maximizing countertop space and storage possibilities.

The odd downside of this primary bathroom – its longer-than-normal shape – became its upside. Our remodel added a wall-to-wall vanity that brought mindful storage and purpose zones to the space. Console niches with baskets are both functional and decorative.

Design Elements to Enhance Your Bathroom Oasis

The right design elements can transform your bathroom vanity into a true centerpiece. Consider your overall style preferences – whether you prefer bold and dramatic or gentle and calming tones. Popular vanity designs range from modern and mid-century to antique, farmhouse, elegant, and rustic.

Incorporate decorative elements like fluted finishes, clean lines, and beautiful backsplashes to fuse your personality with the space. Even minimalists can create a stunning bathroom design with their favorite color palette.

This triptych floating vanity arrangement brings openness, organization and clearly defined purpose zones to this primary bathroom.

Timeless Vanity Colors and Materials

Ever notice that a lot of vanities are in timeless colors like white and gray? These options can calm the fears of anyone who dreads seeing their newly remodeled bathroom look dated sooner than later. Bathrooms in whites and grays can be easily updated with new fixtures, pulls/handles, and colorful accessories as trends change.

Classic elegance shines through in this timeless bathroom design. The white quartz countertop and sleek gray cabinetry contribute to the serene and refined feel of the space.

Lately, we’ve noticed a trend among our clients: they’re focusing on creating spaces that evoke desired emotions. This often involves embracing bold or accent colors, allowing vanities to stand out and make a significant impact.

An off-black vanity brings bold contrast to a light/white bathroom, enhancing versatility. Colors and reflections shift with your perspective, adding dynamic depth.

When it comes to materials, consider the following popular options:

Natural stone: Elegant but requires proper maintenance to avoid staining.

This vessel sink on a quartzite wall-to-wall floating ledge challenges notions of what a vanity is or can be. Doesn’t natural stone look great in a modern design?

Serendipity Quartzite adds wow-factor pop to this bespoke floating vanity with a bonus shelf down below.

Concrete: Real concrete is durable and needs regular resealing. Ask your designer about other materials that can achieve that bold concrete look.

Real concrete and concrete-inspired looks offer a bold elegance to modern design. The countertop on this dramatic bathroom’s vanity is actually porcelain. The cabinetry is Nature Plus in a Concrete Bianco finish.

Natural Wood: Gorgeous but susceptible to moisture damage if not properly cared for.

In this modern powder room, dramatic textured tiles meet the warmth of a wooden vanity countertop, providing a grounding touch to the avant-garde design.

Stone: Beautiful and durable but prone to staining without proper sealing.

White marble sets the tone in this lavish primary bathroom

Maximizing Function and Storage

An efficient bathroom vanity should offer ample storage while enhancing your daily routine. Explore innovative storage solutions like u-shaped drawers, open shelving, towel cubbies, and built-in towel racks. Utilize your countertop space wisely with stylish organizers and accessories.

This primary bathroom features two vanities across from each other.

In exploring these vanity ideas, we see how the right choice can elevate any bathroom. From bold colors to unique designs, each option adds a distinct touch. Choose one that mirrors your style and functionality needs, ensuring your space not only looks stunning but feels uniquely yours. Let’s build your dream bathroom together.


 Owner/Creative Director Gladys Schanstra, CMKBD, Allied ASID

Gladys has 20+ years of experience as a kitchen/bath designer and as an interior designer.


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