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Which Kitchen Design Style Is Right for You?

You already know that your kitchen is the heart of the home. And the style you select—well, that depends on the way you choose to live. The concept of the kitchen has evolved from a place where you cook and feed your family, to the home’s prime entertainment space. Changes in home design (hello, open floor plan) have changed the kitchen’s configuration from a closed-door workspace to an area that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

If you’re thinking of a kitchen renovation, you’re probably already trying to figure out what type of kitchen will work best for you, your family, and your guests. What kitchen style do you prefer, and how do you make it yours?


A traditional kitchen doesn’t have to mean old school, but a traditional kitchen generally has more detail and looks more ornate than say a modern kitchen. Design is sophisticated and never over trendy. Period pieces tend to customize the space. Similarly, a farmhouse kitchen is also a popular style in America today, and it’s simple and comfortable. A farmhouse kitchen would be considered a subset of traditional kitchen design, and if you watch HGTV shows like, Fixer Upper, you will recognize farmhouse style at a glance.


You might see all or some of these in a traditional kitchen:
1. Stained or glazed raised panel cabinetry
2. Fancy hardware on drawers and doors
3. Muted colors
4. Crown molding
5. High-end appliances
6. Details on the faucet
7. An apron (AKA farmhouse) sink
7. Ceramic or porcelain tile floors
8. Stone counters, especially marble or quartz that resembles marble


A transitional kitchen design falls right in between modern and traditional styles and is arguably the most popular style today, the transitional kitchen combines features of both traditional and modern design to create a fresh, updated look. The goal is to balance out the embellished familiarity of the traditional design with the new paints, trends, and materials of the current day – without seeming stark or futuristic. It can be the perfect blend of old and new, timeless, and unique. Transitional kitchens might even attract more homebuyers than other styles, when it’s time to sell, depending on where you live of course.


You might see all or some of these in a transitional kitchen:
1. Custom cabinetry
2. Neutral colors, with white, gray, and black predominating
3. Pale quartz or, solid-color granite countertops
4. Subway tile backsplash
5. High-end appliances
6. Stainless steel appliances
7. Streamlined fixtures
8. Mixed metal lighting and hardware
9. Hardwood floors


Sleek and open, modern kitchens often have an artsy look. The design is minimalist, clean, and never cluttered. Linear patterns and big contrasts characterize the style. Modern styles always look very trendy, but before you start buying a ton of modern fixtures, keep in mind that different trends come and go. That being said, trends always come back! Just look at the comeback of high-waisted jeans and now white boots!


You might see all or some of these in a contemporary kitchen:
1. Frameless black, white, or wood cabinetry
2. Flat-panel doors
3. High end, smart stainless steel appliances (with induction cooktops on the rise)
4. Quartz countertops, or marble
5. Lots of metal
6. Open shelving
7. Stone or porcelain backsplash tiles
8. Stone or hardwood flooring
9. A pop of bright color on the kitchen island

Other Styles

You may feel a pull to the mid-century modern look, which is very popular, or own a little vacation home crying out for a cottage kitchen. Kitchen design is emotional, as well as practical. A kitchen designer can guide you toward making the right choices in whatever style you’re drawn to. That brings us to…

What style do you like best?

Just because you are attracted to a certain kitchen style, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your place. You always have to keep the existing style of your home in context. A traditional style can work beautifully in rural and suburban homes, but it doesn’t work as well, for example, in contemporary high-rise condos.

When you’re deciding on the best style of kitchen for your home, be very practical. Think about the function, the space, the light, and the flow. If you’re still not sure what style you want in your dream kitchen, reach out to a professional and they can guide you through the choices.

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