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The Galley Workstation

Creative Director Gladys Schanstra and Senior Designer Samantha Schoell’s recent trip to Oklahoma has them ready to brag about The Galley Workstation. It is a prime example of a product that redefines how we use our kitchen space. Unlike a traditional kitchen sink, the Galley Workstation is a versatile appliance designed to enhance meal preparation, cooking, and clean-up. Here’s what Gladys and Sam say you should know about The Galley Workstation after visiting their stellar headquarters. 

The Galley Lifestyle

The Galley Workstation, created by designer and engineer Roger Shollmier, solves a problem: How can you get more use out of the typical space occupied by a sink?

The Galley Workstation is complete culinary system that involves cutting boards, colanders, drying racks, and serving boards into a single, integrated unit. It helps with everything from food prep to clean-up, all in one place. 

Galley Ideal Workstations come in various sizes to fit any entertainment space. Pictured here is an elegant showroom display of Ideal Workstation 3, perfect size in a formal dining room, bar, basement, etc. 

Ideal Workstation Sizes & Configurations  

If you are questioning how you could fit a Galley Workstation in your space, don’t fret – they have seven different sizes, which can easily be configured to fit your needs. They range from Ideal Workstation (IDS) 2 all the way to IDS 7. The minimum cabinet base for the IDS 2 is two feet, and for the 7 is seven feet, with every model in between staying consistent. They even have a smaller option to fit into your bar area, called the Ideal BarStation which only requires an 18 inch base cabinet! If you need a corner layout, of course they have an entire corner unit line. Gladys says The Galley isn’t just a sink. It’s another kitchen appliance – a gorgeous, luxury appliance. She compared it to being the “La Cornue” of standard sinks. 

In this small showroom café, they fit a large corner workstation and the BarStation. The Galley Workstation consolidates multiple tasks into one space, keeping countertops clutter-free and maximizing workspace.

Functionality and Entertaining

The Galley Workstation is designed to be multifunctional, offering various inserts and accessories that can be easily swapped out. You can chop vegetables, wash fruits, strain pasta and serve meals from the Workstation. And, of course, it can handle the typical clean-up duties associated with any sink. This level of versatility is needed in any kitchen. 

Hosting a dinner party? The Galley Workstation can transform into a serving station, making it easy to lay out appetizers, drinks, or a buffet spread.  See this project here

Easy Maintenance

One thing Gladys and Sam learned on their trip was how easy it is to clean a Galley Workstation. Gladys says she got to scratch a sink on purpose (!) and buff back to perfection. “Their finish is unique – it’s soft and forgiving but extremely durable. When it appears scratched, you can buff it back into a brand new look quite easily.”

Gladys and Sam say it was fascinating to see the history of the company and the evolution of its products. They were also impressed with the Galley team. “You could feel how dedicated the staff was and it was genuine,” Gladys says. “It makes me feel good about partnering with them. Quality people and quality products.”  


The 7-foot Galley Workstation transforms life for someone who hosts frequently. You don’t have to feel like you are compromising countertop space, it can be modified to fit the needs of each day. 

Galley sinks and accessories are BPA Free and NSF Certified, heat resistant up to 180ºF and dishwasher safe. Finishes are manufactured with UV stabilizers.

How Drury Design styles The Galley

Here are recent Drury Design projects with Galley Workstations:

In this project, it was essential to the homeowner to have ample food preparation space.  She has growing, always-hungry kids and is an avid host. With a lineup of all Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, the designer opted for The Galley to match the other luxury appliances. 

This kitchen features a Galley Workstation Dresser, a custom high-end furniture-like piece with special inserts for storing and organizing accessories. 

In this wet bar off the kitchen, the space called for a small sink setup. After having The Galley in her kitchen, she knew she had to have the BarStation into her space. It pairs wonderfully with the WaterStone wheel faucet. 

The Galley Workstation is a game-changer in modern kitchen design. By integrating this innovative appliance into your kitchen, you can transform your cooking and entertaining experience, making more time for guests. At Drury Design, we are proud to feature the Galley Workstation in our projects.

Gladys and Sam enjoyed exploring the Galley facilities, which in include a vintage candy shop and diner display, man-cave inspired conference rooms, cars, and obviously all things Galley Workstations.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel or looking to enhance your current setup, the Galley Workstation is an investment worth making. Contact one of our Senior Designers today to learn more about how we can incorporate this amazing appliance into your dream kitchen. 

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