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Splurge-Worthy Items for Your Remodel

There are many important things to consider in every project. Let’s delve into those select, splurge-worthy items that have been known to make clients say “oh, it was worth it.” 

We asked our Drury Design Senior Designers to curate a collection of items that clients have deemed ‘must-haves.’ Every remodel has its own fun features, but a handful take the cake as true game-changers that bring luxury to your daily routines. 

1. Kohler Real Rain Overhead Shower Panel 

Transforming your shower into a luxurious, spa-inspired experience, the Kohler Real Rain Shower head delivers an immersive rainfall in your own home. Clients rave about the soothing, full-coverage water flow that makes their morning routine feel like a mini-vacation. Senior Designer Diana Burton says clients go from “What is this?” to “Yes, please!” after they see Kohler’s video of the Real Rain panel! 

This Kohler Real Rain Shower Panel sprinkles rain with the help of gravity to mimic real rainfall. Paired with a steam shower, an additional shower head and a hand-held, this primary bath remodel was all about the shower splurge. 

2. Heated Floors

Stepping onto warm, cozy floors on a chilly morning is a luxury that never grows old, especially here in the Midwest. Heated floors provide practical comfort that make you truly comfortable regardless of where you are in a space. Clients who invest in this feature tell us they’ll never go back.

Senior Designer Alicia Saso added double heat to this primary bath space – the floors and the shower floor!

3. Ice Machine 

No more trips to the store for bagged ice or dealing with clunky ice trays. A stand-alone ice machine is a game-changer for entertainers and busy households. Imagine having the convenience of an endless supply of fresh, filtered ice at your fingertips. (There is nothing worse than having a big, ugly cooler in your brand new gorgeous kitchen when entertaining!)

Sub-Zero ice machines are made panel-ready to seamlessly blend into your beverage area or kitchen. 

4. Steam Oven

There’s something truly magical about cooking with steam. It preserves nutrients and flavors better than traditional methods, but it also allows for precise temperature control, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes every time. Imagine effortlessly preparing tender meats, flaky fish, and vegetables — all with the simple touch of a button. One of our recent clients couldn’t contain her excitement after using her new steam oven for the first time. She sent us a text right after preparing a simple Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwich, shocked at how incredibly delicious it tasted – compared to using a microwave!

Steam oven integrated at counter height

Known for gourmet-level cooking, Wolf steam ovens are also known for bringing moisture and flavor back into everyday re-heated fare.

5. Bidet

Your bathroom experience is forever changed with a bidet. They’re eco-friendly, too. Creative Director Gladys Schanstra specifies Toto for high-end bidets and toilets, and notes that smart toilets are becoming more common as techn becomes more commonplace in the bathroom. 

Smart bidets often boast high-end features like heated seats, adjustable water temperature and pressure, air drying, and self-cleaning functions.

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a significant upgrade from the standard grill setup. 

Imagine having a dedicated outdoor area where everything you need has a place – that means no more constant back-n-forth trips to the kitchen. Our customers tend to opt for built-in Kalamazoo Grills, marine-grade cabinetry by Urban Bonfire, refrigerators, sinks, and gorgeous countertops.

This outdoor kitchen was designed around the natural curve of the home’s architecture.

7. Robern Medicine Cabinets

Tired of cluttered bathroom countertops? Robern Medicine Cabinets offer a sleek solution for storing your daily essentials – conceal them behind a stylish mirror. Customize shelf heights, power sources, lighting and style to your liking. Keeping your daily products organized has never been easier—or more beautiful!

This primary suite included Robern Medicine Cabinets that eliminate counter clutter.

8.  Towel Warmers 

Picture yourself stepping out of the shower to wrap up in a warm, fluffy towel. A towel warmer provides a spa-like experience every time you bathe, and it also helps keep your towels dry and mildew-free.

This primary bath remodel captures the true essence of “spa-like” with natural and luxurious materials. A towel warmer is the splurge-worthy icing on the cake!

9. Warming Drawer

Got a busy family or love to entertain? A warming drawer is your new best friend. It keeps food hot and ready, perfect for when schedules clash or you’re hosting a crowd

This kitchen remodel features a nice-sized warming drawer that changes everything. Warming drawers aren’t just for keeping meals hot; they’re fantastic for warming plates and cups too. Imagine serving dinner or coffee with plates and cups that have been gently heated. It’s one of those small luxuries that make a big difference!

10. Tile 

Tile is a timeless investment that adds both beauty and durability to any space in your home. From kitchens to bathrooms, its versatility can definitely add wow-factor to any space. Gladys suggests opting for custom tile to add a touch of elegance or even opulence.

This custom tile was included in a luxury primary bath that Gladys remodeled in a traditional style. Tiles like this come in a jigsaw puzzle format – an experienced installer is a must. 

Fun, handcrafted tile injects charm into this award-winning kitchen remodel by Senior Designer Samantha Schoell.

Ready to splurge on some must-haves in your home? Talk to one of our designers about your next project or schedule a consultation. These wish list items will have your home feeling luxurious for years to come. 

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