Luxe Spa Retreat Primary Bathroom – Glen Ellyn, IL


The Setup

Upon moving to Glen Ellyn, the homeowners were eager to infuse their new residence with a style that resonated with their modern aesthetic sensibilities. The primary bathroom, while spacious and structurally impressive with its dramatic high ceilings, presented a dated, overly traditional appearance that clashed with their vision.

Design objectives:

  • Transform the space into a serene, modern spa-like sanctuary.
  • Integrate a palette of deep, earthy tones to create a rich, enveloping ambiance.
  • Employ a blend of organic and natural textures to foster a connection with nature.

The Remodel

Design challenges:

  • Take full advantage of the vaulted ceiling
  • Source unique marble that is more grounding than fanciful
  • Design minimal, modern cabinetry with a natural, organic finish
  • Offer a unique lighting plan to create a sexy, Zen vibe

Design solutions:

  • To highlight the vaulted ceiling, we extended the shower tile to the ceiling and added a skylight to bathe the area in natural light.
  • Sourced unique marble with raw, chiseled edges that provide a tactile, earthy element.
  • Our custom-designed cabinetry in a minimal, modern style features a natural finish, complementing the organic theme.
  • A truly creative layered lighting strategy dials in the perfect Zen-like atmosphere. The wavy protruding wall tile lights triggered our inspiration but came with an unintended harsh direct-light effect so we sourced a solution: bespoke diffusers measured and cut for the top and bottom of each tile light gap.

The Renewed Space

The homeowners dreamed of a tranquil, luxurious retreat that embraced natural materials and a captivating color scheme. Our collaborative effort brought this vision to life, creating a bathroom that not only meets the clients’ functional needs but also serves as a daily sanctuary. The carefully chosen materials and lighting design enable the space to shift its character with the changing light of day.

“Trust the process and it will all come together,” the home owners shared. “Sometimes we just stand here and think, ‘Wow, this is lovely!'”

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  • 11′ x 17′
  • Ceiling: 13′ 9″
  • Type: Quartzite
  • Color: Marquina honed
  • Brand: Drury Design Select Custom Cabinetry
  • Finish: Driftwood
  • Door style: Rift-cut oak
Special Features:
  • Concrete tile with curved lighted accents
  • Dramatic multi-pendant lights over tub
  • Vanity toe kick lighting, niche lighting and over-cabinet lighting
  • Textured concrete tile framing mirrors and inside back of open shelves
  • Waterfall edges at vanities and shower bench
  • Heated floors
  • Heated towel bar
  • DTV shower controls
  • Pop-out electrical outlets at vanities

Before / After

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