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Is it time to refresh your powder room? 

Ready for a springtime spruce-up at home? Let’s chat about the powder room – it may be small, but don’t underestimate its potential for charm. This space is important to keep updated since it is the one space that your guests frequent often, and is usually your last minute touch-up spot before walking out the door. There are plenty of ways to elevate the space, and since it is on the smaller side, you can have more fun! Come along as we discuss powder room design, and how to make a big impact in your little space.  

1. Color Palette 

To begin any project in your home, it is important to have some ideas in mind of your wishlist and goals of the space. The overall color palette and vision come into play with respect to other areas of your home, where you can choose to carry themes in or allow it to stand boldly on its own. The powder room has the potential to differ from everywhere else in your home but still complement it nicely. Consider alternate colors that are still incorporated in your home – like soft pastels for a serene vibe or bold, contrasting hues for a dramatic look. 

This powder room was revamped during a major kitchen renovation. Since the kitchen had a more neutral palette including mostly grey, white and wood tones – they spiced the powder room up with a bold blue to add drama! 

2. Vanity and Storage 

Another key aspect of the powder room is the vanity – it can be all about the look, or the functionality. A well-chosen vanity can provide storage solutions for guest necessities and extra toiletries, making the space both stylish and practical. If you’re aiming for a more upscale, seamless look, you might even consider ditching the vanity altogether and opting for a bespoke sink clad in your countertop material. Just keep in mind that you’ll lose out on some storage space for keeping things organized.

Here’s where personalization comes into play. Creative Director Gladys Schanstra made her client’s dream a reality by repurposing a buffet cabinet from the dining room. Instead of going for something new and bland, they opted for this clever idea, enhancing the space with character and personality. With the help of a custom furniture maker, she transformed it into a stunning vanity that perfectly complemented the traditional and elegant style of their home. The result is a unique piece that reflects the clients’ exquisite taste and adds a touch of charm to the powder room. So don’t be afraid to get creative and infuse your space with your own personal style — it’s the perfect way to refresh your powder room and make it truly your own.

Gladys worked with the furniture maker in this powder room to remove the buffet’s back and center support, reconfigure shelving, doors and the overall structural support for a thick quartzite top and an undermount sink. The result is unique and stunning!

3. Wall Treatments 

In the snug space of a powder room, wall treatments work wonders in adding charm. With choices like funky tile, textured walls, or vibrant wallpaper, these details pack a punch and make the space feel uniquely yours. Add another touch of luxury by bringing it to the ceiling, to encompass the space and make it appear larger. Our designers love to experiment with different wall treatments such as wallpaper, paint, or wainscoting to add texture. Since it is a smaller space in terms of square footage, you can definitely splurge on something to make a lasting impact. You can even mix materials together to make the eye wander. 

This tiny powder room located under a staircase features dramatic etched stone tile on the vanity wall and wallpaper combo carried through to the ceiling for the moody ambiance. 

4. Lighting 

When it comes to your powder room, lighting isn’t just about seeing — it’s about setting the vibe. The right lighting can turn your tiny space into a cozy sanctuary. Your designer will experiment with overhead and accent lighting like sconces and toe kick lighting to create an illusion of space. Lighting is the feature that will create the essence of an inviting space. 

Steam oven integrated at counter height

Designed for those last-minute touch-ups before you step out the door, this powder room features dimmable sconces framing the mirror and a floating vanity accented with ambient toe kick lighting. 

5. Flooring 

Flooring in your powder room is an essential aspect that blends both form and function in this compact space. You have the choice to continue your existing flooring seamlessly or make a bold decision with a distinct material, such as eye-catching tile. Much like selecting wall treatments, opting for striking flooring can infuse your powder room with personality, drawing attention to its unique details. 

This eye-catching patterned tile creates a visual interest in a neutral and modern powder room. 

6. Fixtures and Hardware

Often referred to as the “jewelry” of a space, your plumbing fixtures and hardware can significantly refresh your powder room. Your designer will walk you through new options like wall mounted faucets for easy cleaning around your sink. They will also have you weigh in on swapping out old towel bars, light switches, and outlets for sleek and stylish alternatives. The little things really do make a big impact. 

This small bathroom pays attention to intricate details of fixtures and hardware, matching the faucet, toilet paper holder and the towel bar for a refreshed look. 

Ready to give your powder room a makeover? Let’s turn your vision into reality — reach out to one of our designers today!

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