How Much Value Does a Bathroom Remodel Add?

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How Much Value Does a Bathroom Remodel Add?

It’s no secret that people spend a lot of time in their bathrooms. For homeowners, it makes sense to invest in a space that will not only enhance the experience of being at home but will also increase their home value. But how much value does a bathroom remodel add?

Home improvement projects can be expensive. But when it comes to functional spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, the value of remodeling is indisputable.

How Much a Homeowner Can Expect to Recoup from a Bathroom Remodel

For a bathroom remodel that meets industry standards in terms of workmanship and materials, homeowners can generally aim to recoup at least 50 percent of the cost. According to a cost versus value report from Remodel magazine, owners recouped 60.1 percent of the cost for a midrange remodel. For a universal design, it was 57.9 percent, and for an upscale remodel, the figure was 54.8 percent. Bathroom additions also recouped over 50 percent of the cost.

Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom Before Selling Your Home?

Bathroom remodels can cost anywhere from $15,000 to over $150,000. While it’s unreasonable to expect to recoup the full cost of a remodel, the “joy factor” here is real. Homeowners who remodel their bathrooms enjoy their homes more. And many prospective buyers are looking for bathrooms that are ready-made to suit their needs and desires.

What Determines How Much You Can Recoup from a Bathroom Remodel?

It’s important for the cost and style of the bathroom remodel to fit the home. In general, an upscale remodel with high-end and personalized finishes recoups a lower percentage of the cost. A midrange bathroom remodel or a bathroom addition—especially in homes with just one bathroom—tend to yield a greater return on investment.

How Much Can You Recoup from a Bathroom Remodel Compared to Other Remodeling Projects?

Home improvement projects such as replacing siding, roofs, garage doors, or windows tend to perform the best, recouping between 60 and 100 percent of their costs. But kitchen and bathroom remodels in the right market can pay off handsomely too. With the right design vision, bathroom remodels can recoup well over 100 percent of the cost at resale.

Elements of a Bathroom Remodel That Add the Most Home Value

Every element in the bathroom is worth considering during an upgrade. It’s not just the fixtures either—there’s plumbing, electrical wiring and even the bathroom’s layout to consider. Depending on your home, the bathroom and the nature of the remodel, some elements might be worth more to your home’s value than others. Consider, too, that layout and structural remodels are inherently more expensive and will lengthen a remodel’s duration.

How to Get the Most Resale Value Out of Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to unleash your creative side. This is your chance to make the space your own. Bathroom remodels are an opportunity to apply smart color schemes and to upgrade vanities and plumbing fixtures. Updated flooring and energy-efficient upgrades are other features that appeal to today’s buyers.

What Are the Most Expensive Aspects of a Bathroom Remodel That Return the Most Value?

Labor costs are expensive, up to 40 percent of an average remodel’s overall cost. But a DIY bathroom remodel requires a lot of sweat equity and diversified expertise. For this reason, it’s usually worthwhile to hire an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor.

Other expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel that can pay off include vanities, showers and luxury fixtures. Another costly endeavor is changing the bathroom layout. In some cases, it may be worth it to expand the footprint of your small bathroom to better suit today’s buyers.

What Elements Can You Skip during a Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom remodel should reflect the house’s character. High-end luxury fixtures that are installed in a starter home are unlikely to provide a return on investment, but in a million-dollar home, that calculation might be different.

Another consideration when it comes to remodeling costs is settling on a budget and sticking to it. For example, not all bathroom remodels need a tub and a shower. In some cases, it makes sense to choose one since installing both may not increase home value.

Tips to Increase Return on Investment from a Bathroom Remodel

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to a bathroom remodel—paint colors, fixtures, floors, vanities. In some cases, making the wrong choice can be costly.

Who Can Help You Determine What Remodeling Ideas Will Return the Most Value for Your Home?

Drury Design has tackled bathrooms of all shapes and sizes since 1987. Thanks to our breadth of experience and talent for design, we are well equipped to guide homeowners in making decisions that will pay off down the line.

What Fixtures and Lighting Choices Increase a Home’s Value?

One of the most important components of a bathroom remodel is lighting. Good lighting always adds value, especially in bathrooms.

Fixtures can also make or break a bathroom. A design consultant can help you pick fixtures that fit your remodel and your style. This is a delicate balancing act because the fixtures should fit your style but should also add value to your home. 

Much like the bathroom’s other elements, this isn’t just about how fixtures look. Form, function and materials are also important considerations, especially in terms of recouping value during resale.

What Are Some Easy Remodeling Ideas That Offer the Best Return on Investment?

Toilets, tubs, showers and vanities are all bathroom remodel essentials. But what about bathroom flooring? Tile and vinyl are best for smaller budgets. For luxury remodels, high-end options like natural stone tend to reap the best returns.

Some other worthwhile home improvements in bathrooms include frameless glass doors, new countertops and a neutral color scheme.

Role of Perceived Value from a Bathroom Remodel

There is no question that a bathroom remodeling project adds value to a home. Another consideration for resale value, however, is perceived value. Part of this is how a person feels about the space. 

When you step into a room, you want to feel like you belong there; it should feel inviting and comfortable, almost like it was made just for you. This concept is more difficult to predict for resale; however, an expert can provide guidance through the process.

What is Perceived Value When It Comes to Home Remodeling?

Perceived value speaks to personal taste and preferences. Buyers with young children, for example, might prefer a bathtub over a walk-in shower, but older buyers tend to go for more accessible features. Perceived value of a remodeled bathroom can also depend on the overall condition of the home and the local housing market.

What in a Bathroom Remodel Contributes to Its Perceived Value?

This rustic ranch bathroom by Drury Design capitalized on the trend for larger master baths. This remodel required converting a smaller bedroom into extra usable space, which may not appeal to all buyers. With the right design experts at the helm, a bathroom remodel like this one can add significant perceived value with its wow factor.

What Bathroom Attributes Encourage Home Purchases?

In general, buyers look for a functional bathroom with a neutral but modern aesthetic. According to Zillow research, light blue bathrooms can help a home sell for an average of 1.6 percent more. Remodels that appeal to the highest number of buyers are the most likely to yield a return on investment.

Not all bathroom remodels have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even inexpensive upgrades such as new toilets (which retail for a little over $100 for basic models), refinished cabinets and restored countertops can make a big difference to buyers.

How a Bathroom Remodel Can Appeal to a Large Buyer Pool

The choices are endless when it comes to bathroom remodels—lighting, fixtures, floors, vanities and color schemes. A design expert can help you make the choices that will give you the bathroom experience you’ve always wanted while appealing to buyers in case it comes time to sell.

At Drury Design, we specialize in crafting beautiful bathrooms and would love to help you navigate the exciting world of bathroom remodels. Request a design consultation today.

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