Tips for Designing a Timeless Kitchen

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Designing a Timeless Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen renovation, the design must stand the test of time both stylistically and functionally.

To help take some of the stress out of the renovation process, we’ve compiled the following tips for designing a timeless kitchen.

Elements of a Timeless Kitchen

Think natural, neutral and simple when it comes to designing your timeless kitchen. Focusing on the natural elements of wood, stone, and metal creates an organized, contemporary look grounded in timeless style. 

Timeless Kitchen Color Schemes

While bold and bright colors can be trendy, they lose their charm quickly and can date your kitchen. Stick to neutral tones, such as cream, taupe, and pale blues and greens, for your cabinets, floors, and countertops. These neutral colors create a calming, homey atmosphere while also contributing to a classic kitchen style. 

You can add a pop of color in your own stylistic touches for a cosmetic tweak that won’t require hefty renovation.

Timeless Design Elements

If you look back in time at kitchens past, you will notice the same elements repeated: wood, stone, and metal. These foundational elements, combined with your own personal flare, create a timeless kitchen design.

For flooring, opt for either wood or stone to bring in texture and sustainability. Again, choosing wood or stone maintains the natural elements that are so critical to a timeless kitchen design. 

Metal also brings a timeless kitchen together. In particular, brass creates warmth. Installing metal fixtures and fittings in your kitchen maintains the cohesiveness that timeless kitchen designs are known for.  

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Styles

One cabinet style has truly stood the test of time: Shaker cabinets. This design style was developed in the eighteenth century by a religious group known today as the Shakers. The Shakers were known for their simple, durable, and functional furniture and cabinets.

Shaker cabinets feature a very rectangular, minimalist design. This simple wooden cabinet style is so versatile that it can be used across any kitchen design, from traditional to modern.

Kitchen Layout Ideas for a Timeless Kitchen 

It is critical to observe timeless design evolution when it comes to dreaming up your traditional kitchen. Looking to the past can help us understand what works, what doesn’t work, and what will continue to work for decades to come.

When preparing design ideas for your kitchen, it is also important to consider what today’s kitchen trends are so you can keep your kitchen up to date. 

The Classic Kitchen Layout

The kitchen triangle is an important design element of a classic kitchen layout. Designers recommend that your kitchen triangle be no bigger than twenty-six feet in total; each leg of the triangle should not be more than nine feet or less than four feet. 

A key component to creating the triangle is the kitchen island. The island creates an effortless flow between workstations and establishes another useful area for counter and cabinet space. 

The placement of your appliances will also determine your kitchen triangle. Make sure the distance between your major appliances makes sense and doesn’t impede your work process. 

How Timeless Kitchen Layouts Improve the Functionality of a Kitchen

Timeless kitchen layouts have remained popular because they simply make sense. A timeless kitchen layout is going to combine style and function. If your kitchen forces you to choose one over the other, it will not be sustainable for your family’s needs. 

Again, one of the most important tips for designing a timeless kitchen is the kitchen triangle. The efficiency and practicality of this layout will ensure the life expectancy of your kitchen for years to come. 

Best Timeless Kitchen Design Ideas 

Having been in the kitchen and bathrooms design business for over thirty years, we see a lot of excellent design ideas as well as some that just fall short. You want to make sure you are incorporating your own personality and staying current while also creating a space that can last. 

Making a Modern Kitchen Look Timeless

As technology advances, so should your kitchen. Adding modern touches keeps your kitchen up to date and functional without sacrificing traditional kitchen design. You should have the right drawers and doors installed, with features such as inset LED lighting and customized inserts. 

In their 2021 report, the National Kitchen and Bath Association detailed current trends that will have lasting power. The report details design elements similar to what we just unpacked: keep it light and airy. 

For example, the study found that lighter-colored quartz countertops with a traditional edge and slab subway backsplashes are here to stay.

And classic white kitchens are also not going anywhere. A white kitchen creates a spacious and clean ambiance while allowing for some design fun with bold accent colors. White kitchens also present a seamless transition into any kitchen style, whether it be minimalist, contemporary or traditional.

Tips for Designing Your Own Timeless Kitchen

At the end of a long day, you want to come home to a kitchen you love in a space that resonates with you and your family. You never want to compromise function for style or work in a bland kitchen that gives you no joy. A timeless kitchen has it all: functionality and aesthetic design.

The final tip for designing a timeless kitchen is to avoid trends that history shows don’t last. These trends include dark-colored cabinetry, busy backsplashes, and lack of organization. 

No matter your kitchen’s layout, if your kitchen design details prioritize organization, it will have longevity. Consider your working space, the kitchen triangle, and what that space demands, plus your in-cabinet functionality. For example, deep drawers for pots, vertical pull-outs for long utensils, and built-in dividers to make organization easy. 

Whenever you’re ready to take the plunge, Drury Design is here to help you design your own timeless kitchen. Not sure where to start? Request a design consultation and find out why we’re one of Chicago’s top kitchen designers! 

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