Teen Bathroom – Glen Ellyn, IL

The Setup

A leak in the shower floor was the catalyst for remodeling the teenager’s bathroom. The aim was to transform it into a more open, inviting space, with a design that resonates with a young man’s tastes.

Design objectives:

  • Revitalize the space with a contemporary update
  • Tailor the aesthetic to suit a teenage boy
  • Employ organic and natural materials for a grounded feel


Design challenges:

  • Create an open, light-filled shower to enhance the spatial experience
  • Select a color scheme and materials that blend masculine energy with a calming, spa-like atmosphere

Design solutions:

  • Removed the enclosing wall to open up the shower area
  • Chose a neutral color palette with organic, textural tiles. Added a stylish decorative mirror and sconces for a cohesive and appealing look

THE REnewed Space

The bathroom has been transformed into a sleek and modern retreat, perfectly suited for a teenage boy. It’s not just a remodel; it’s a reimagining that combines style and functionality, ensuring a design that will remain appealing for years to come.

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Our Process | Get to Know Us

  • 5′ 2″‘ x 8’ 4″
  • Brand: Caesarstone
  • Type: Quartz
  • Color: Black Tempal
  • Existing cabinet refinished
  • Custom grey paint
  • Kohler Matte Black
Special Features:
  • Textured Niche Tile
  • Unique floor tile mimics Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese burnt wood)
  • Concrete-look quartz top
  • Matte black plumbing fixtures

Before / After

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