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What you should know about built-ins 

Remember when “built-ins” conjured images of bulky, dark wooden cabinets surrounding TVs and stereos? Or perhaps you recall built-in dining room cabinets for dishes, fireplace surrounds with book niches, or corner curios for grandma’s cherished collectibles.

Fast forward to today, and “built-ins” have evolved significantly. Modern built-ins are entirely customizable – designed not just for a particular space, but tailored to your specific needs, routines, and lifestyle preferences.

What are “built-ins?”

A “built-in” is essentially custom cabinetry or shelving integrated into your home’s structure, offering a sleek, organized look while maximizing storage and functionality. While kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are technically “built-ins,” the term typically applies to custom storage solutions beyond these standard fixtures.

Built-ins can be incorporated wherever you want them. We love it when clients share their vision for built-ins throughout their homes. If you can imagine it, we’ll design and install it. Built-ins can discreetly store items in family rooms, dining areas, basements, and offices. 

Here’s a showcase of recent built-ins our designers have created to perfectly complement each unique space.

In this Chic Office remodel, the client wanted plenty of hidden storage. Senior Designer Alicia Saso added built-ins behind the client’s desk with a printer rollout, safe, file drawers, and taller storage under the TV. If the client later transforms the space into a seating room, she can eliminate the desk and the built-ins can stay for a cozy, zen vibe. 

In this Modern Basement remodel, built-in storage for the kids’ toys, games and extra blankets and pillows is essential. The built-in also provides functionality on each end, dedicating a space for the bar, and a desk/work space on the opposite side.

There were existing built-ins in this sitting room adjacent to the kitchen in this remodel, but they did not fill the arched space, appearing clunky and dated. Solution? New built-ins by Drury Select Custom Cabinetry…  light-stained oak was chosen and custom fit to the original arches to look more transitional and sleek. 

Built-ins can be more than cabinets. This client needed custom built-in shelving to display her heirloom glass art pieces. A prime example of beautiful and functional furniture-like storage. Project executed by Creative Director Gladys Schanstra.

In this formal dining space off the kitchen, sleek shallow built-ins along the wall offer storage for glassware and drinkware, and feature an undermount beverage fridge and counter, creating a stylish bar area in the room. The counterspace is particularly helpful for facilitating buffett-like service during dinner parties, minimizing clutter on the table.


This family room design incorporated lots of open shelving for displaying decor, but kept a sleek lower built-in option for games, fireplace supplies, blankets, etc. 

Many of our clients opt for built-in storage beyond vanities in bathrooms. Who doesn’t need extra storage for towels, toilet paper, personal care products, etc.? Check out this entire primary suite here. 

Built-ins really come in handy when you want to show off your collectibles and store extra stuff underneath. You can have both open display and tucked away cabinetry for the best of both worlds. Check out this Marvel Bar project here

Built-ins are essential in your closet – your needs go beyond hanging racks and wire shelves, of course. This closet includes jewelry/tie/accessory storage, drawers for garments and built-in islands for special features to be tucked away when not in use – like an ironing board! 

Most of our mudroom designs involve built-ins that take organization to the another level. In this mudroom, built-ins facilitate shoe cubbies, a large pantry-style built in for winter coats and boots, and a little counter space where you can drop your bags as you come and go. 

Built-ins are all about creating a stylish and functional solution to your storage needs. Discover how to add built-ins to your space by consulting with one of our Senior Designers.

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