How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Chicago?

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Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? The total bathroom remodeling cost can be anything you want it to be. It ultimately depends on your aspirations and how much wiggle room there is in your budget.

Sure, you could skimp on quality to save money, but what’s the point if you’ll have to replace everything a few years down the line or are unhappy in the end?

If you’ve finally decided to do something about that peeling bathroom vanity, leaky old faucet, water-damaged tile wall, tired floor, and tiny toilet, here’s the blow-by-blow breakdown of the costs involved in a full bathroom remodel.

Total Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Chicago

The original bathroom designs in older Chicago homes were often an afterthought. Most of them fall into the small bathroom remodel category. If you have a larger bathroom space to work with – anything bigger than 6′ x 8′ – you can strip it down and start from scratch.

The idea isn’t just to update your bathroom. It’s also to transform it into a well-planned functional space you’ll enjoy spending time in.

For a basic facelift that involves freshening up the drywall, flooring, old finishes, and fixtures, and perhaps fitting a new bathroom sink and vanity, fan, toilet, countertop, and new bathroom vanity lights, we would be looking at a figure upwards of $70,000.

If you’re looking to change the layout of your bathroom entirely and get a custom configuration with high-quality bathroom fixtures, more storage, and everything you envision your dream bathroom to be, you would be looking at $90,000+.

If you want to kick things up a notch and transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis by installing meticulously crafted custom-built cabinetry with more storage, natural stone tiles, high-end porcelain tile flooring, a bathtub, custom tile shower, the works – you could be looking at $125,000+ for your remodel.

Remember, the overall bathroom renovation cost isn’t solely based on time and material but rather a custom personalized design and agreed to budget. This figure is split into milestone payments based on various stages of the project.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Considerations

Below is a list of factors that play into the total cost of your bathroom remodeling project:

-Moving walls to achieve more space
-New floor plan with the relocation of sinks and toilet
-Fitted custom cabinets with built-in storage
-High-style tile designs
-Expertly installed artisan flooring and wall tiles
-Custom shower glass
-Granite or quartz countertops
-Larger square footage
-Luxury-brand fixtures and finishes
-New windows

The costs associated with a DIY project versus professional installation will be miles apart. For nicer, higher-end, bathroom remodels you will need to retain the services of a general contractor or, even better, a bathroom design specialist with great tradespeople.

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Cost of Bathroom Vanities and Sinks

The prices for bathroom vanity countertops, a vanity sink, and faucets are all over the spectrum. For example, you could get a stock set with a pedestal sink at Home Depot or Lowe’s for your guest bathroom, at anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. The downside is – most of these items are not built to last, and while they have options, your options are limited.

If a luxury bath design is what you’re after, you will need to purchase each item individually and be willing to spend significantly more money for top-tier quality.

As you would expect, the cost of an out-of-the-box solution would vary significantly from that of a vanity set, sink, or countertop that’s custom-made to your design specifications or made to order.

The same applies to the materials used. The price of a glass countertop, for instance, will be much higher than one made of stainless steel or wood. The cost of brushed nickel faucets versus the stainless steel variety also varies widely.

When shopping in the luxury marketplace, expect to spend upwards of $10,000 for the entire bathroom vanity and sink set-up.

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Cost of Plumbing and Electrical Service for a Bathroom Remodel

Generally, the cost of tradespeople varies based on the scope, size, and complexity of your remodel. For example, If they’re working with your existing bathroom infrastructure and don’t need to relocate any pipes or drains, the renovation costs will be significantly cheaper.

On the other hand, adding on to existing lines or changing the bathroom‘s entire layout based on design inspiration from Luxe Magazine or TV shows will undoubtedly drive up the costs. Get a qualified bath design and remodeling contractor or specialist to consult with you on a site analysis will give you an accurate idea of what it will cost to bring your bathroom design vision to life.

The cost of an electrician for a bathroom renovation is nowhere near as high as some of the other expenses we’ve looked at so far. Nonetheless, you will still need a professional to come in and professionally attend to all of the needed electrical work.

Cost of a Contractor for a Bathroom Remodel in Chicago

When embarking on a bathroom remodel, it’s always a good idea to work with a full-service design company with a dedicated in-house team of designers, contractors, project managers, tradespeople, and support staff. It ensures that every aspect of the home remodeling project is designed and expertly engineered, and executed.

The company in question also needs to work within your budget and not the other way round.

More often than not, the cost of a spa-inspired bathroom of a master bathroom, guest bathroom, or any other type of bath renovation is priced according to the scope, size, materials installation needed for design and job site

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Cost of Bathroom Faucet Installations, Mirrors, Lighting Fixture Accessories, Shower Doors, and Tiles

Keep in mind that when considering bathroom amenities and accessories in the luxury marketplace, prices will inevitably be higher than what you would find in the lower to mid-range bathroom remodel categories. That being said, the costs associated with certain aspects of your project will be much higher than others, depending on how significant a change is required.

For instance, in a historic remodel, a significant portion of the budget will be spent on modernizing and updating the mechanical aspects of the room – updated electrical, water connections, subfloor and removing plaster, and replacing with new drywall, for example. If you’re looking to inject a spacious and soothing feel to your space, you might need to knock down a wall or two and incorporate more updated materials and functions to enhance its function and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you want to turn that basic bathroom into a rustic retreat or your very own home spa, here’s an overview of what to expect price-wise:

– Powder room- $3,500 – $12,000+
– Average Master Bath– $25,000 – $37,000+
– Large Master Bath– $40,000 – $80,000+

With that in mind, always go for a timeless design. That way, it will be several decades before you need to update your bathroom again.

Cost of a Bathroom Designer and Bathroom-Related Permits in Greater Chicago

Whether you have a small bathroom design vision in mind or a sizable spa-like oasis you want to bring to life, elaborate design styles will typically require the services of a professional interior designer or, better yet, a professional bathroom specialist like an NKBA certified designer. Most often, the cost to consult with a professional bathroom specialist is money well spent. Through a series of meetings that start with assessing your needs, ideas, and budget, a complete design is completed, all with your input. It ends with a line-item proposal for your information and confirmation. A certified bath specialist knows there is no benefit to leaving anything to chance and ensures your satisfaction with the final result.

As far as building permit fees go, it all depends on the scope of the project. Costs range varies based on the work being done as well as the location, as every municipality differs. Most contractors and professional bathroom design specialists will prepare the necessary drawings you will need to submit for your permit. However, the homeowner is typically responsible for all fees associated with this, which is not included in the proposal.

Get the Best Team on the Job

To turn your dream bathroom or kitchen remodel into reality, you’ll need to retain the services of an experienced team of professionals. Led by a professional bathroom specialist like an NKBA certified designer.

Get in touch with us today for an in-person bathroom design consultation for your remodeling bathroom and kitchen project based on your budget.

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