How to Hide Electrical Outlets

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by Gladys Schanstra, Drury Design Owner/Creative Director

Electrical outlets are necessary for modern life, but they often interrupt the flow and style of a kitchen or bathroom. Let’s explore how to integrate them into your living spaces while reducing the clutter and visual disruption they bring.

Pop-up Sockets

Incorporate pop-up sockets in kitchen islands or countertops. These innovative devices stay hidden below the surface until needed, offering a modern solution to outlet clutter.

Outlets pop out of the way in this bright, modern bathroom.

Under-Cabinet Outlets

Tuck outlets neatly under the cabinets to keep them out of sight. This not only hides them from view but also frees up your backsplash for a more seamless look.

Outlets are up and out of the way in this glamorous green kitchen, allowing the veining in the quartz backsplash to flow uninterrupted.

Built-in Charging Pads

Why bother with an outlet, a wall wart and a cord every time you, a family member or a guest needs to charge a phone? We can build charging pads into your countertops and bar tops. Come by our showroom for a demo and more information on how built-in power is modernizing living spaces these days. 

Talk about clutter free! A built-in charging pad in the right spot allows you to use a device as it charges.

Drawer Outlets

Drawer outlets are a smart way to keep small devices plugged-in/charging but out of sight. They’re perfect for gadgets and powered things like hair dryers and curling irons that just don’t need to be out on the counter all the time.

Drawer outlets minimize counter clutter in this elegant bathroom.

Drawer outlets were an early design objective in this timeless, elegant kitchen.

Appliance Garages

Usually with a door that rolls, slides or lifts up, an appliance garage is a great way to keep a small appliance out of the way but ready to use. Every garage needs built-in juice. 

The appliance garage in this sophisticated modern kitchen hides outlets as well as appliances.

Inside Cabinets

Even without the garage door setup, placing outlets inside countertop cabinets is a handy way to keep your appliances ‘at the ready,’ while also out of the way. 

Tucked-away appliances in this classic traditional kitchen are connected to power and ready to go.

This warm, inviting kitchen features a  countertop appliance cove that takes advantage of a void space behind the wall, making the appliance cove deeper than the cabinet above it.

In-cabinet power was a functional solution when designing this spacious kitchen for a client who uses her blender daily but didn’t want it out when not in use. With heavy-duty sliders supporting the powered appliance, access and use are a breeze.

Creative Cover Plates

Choose cover plates that match or at least work with your backsplash or bar back wall. Let your creativity run wild! Swap out boring plastic covers for decorative options that complement your kitchen’s style. Think metallic finishes for a modern touch, rustic wood for a farmhouse vibe, a stone look for a French country environment or even playful patterns to add a pop of personality.

We found the perfect outlet plates that work with this bar’s color palette to contribute to, rather than distract from, the space’s dialed-in vibe.

Outlet plates with an earthy, stone look work well in this French country kitchen

Outlet Camouflage 

Our experienced installers know a thing or two about using a room’s design elements to hide outlets in plain sight.

Would you have noticed the outlet in this Lake Shore Drive primary bathroom?

On the Side

Consider placing outlets on separator walls, side walls 90 degrees from the focal wall, in niches or in any space that is a little out of the way.

Here’s an outlet for occasional immersion blender use. We took advantage of the side niches in this elegant kitchen‘s hearth design to hide outlets and other cooking supplies/ingredients.

Remember, while some solutions can be tackled post-installation, the most seamless and effective results come from integrating these strategies right from the design stage. Working with Drury Design’s experienced team ensures these details are thoughtfully woven into the planning process, preventing clumsy workarounds and ensuring your dream kitchen truly pops – without the plugs, that is! Don’t settle for cluttered countertops and awkward appliance Tetris. Let’s craft a kitchen or bathroom masterpiece that’s as functional as it is breathtaking.


 Owner/Creative Director Gladys Schanstra, CMKBD, Allied ASID

Gladys has 20+ years of experience as a kitchen/bath designer and as an interior designer.


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